4 Redflags to Look Out for When Hiring an SEO Company India

Getting an affordable SEO Company India is a walk in the park but finding the right SEO partner who aligns their SEO goals with your business goals is hard. Most people in the SEO industry are still busy ripping unsuspecting clients off with too good to be true promises.

Don’t worry though. We have your back. If you have trouble treading the risky SEO territory, here are the 4 redflags that you should look out for when hiring an SEO Company India:

1] They will promise you the #1 position

No SEO Company can rank your website on the #1 position. The most they can do is focus on the quality of your website, your engagement, the relevance of your audience, the quality and quality of the traffic you receive. But there’s absolutely no way that you are making it to the #1 position on Google with SEO alone.

A lot of factors go into this and SEO is no magic spell that works overnight. A website ranking on the 68 page of Google may even take almost 8-9 months or less or more depending on the competition you face (keywords).

Ranking for commercial keywords is particularly hard but long tail keyword-content strategy can help you retain your traffic and convert more leads. So, ask your SEO partner or the company about the realistic state of SEO and the ranks they can actually deliver and how will it all benefit your business.

2] They will make the links rain

Run away from any company saying that they will outdo your competitors by getting your website more inbound links.

When it comes to building authority through links, quality matters more and quantity is useless if your SEO India company/partner is building spammy links. So, consider the quality of links they are promising you before you sign your website up for the SEO program.

Moreover, getting a decent, high-quality link from an authoritative website is particularly laborious. So, look for companies that promise you quality over quantity and justify the time and effort spent on making these inbound links.

3] Their pitch will be jargon laden

In just one decade, India has become a hub of digital marketing companies. However, if there’s any SEO Services India Company provider sending you a jargon laden pitch, run away from them.

A good SEO partner will make it easy for you to run your business and get more revenue out of your marketing investments. They will help you understand how the entire process will have a positive impact on your ROI. If there’s a proposal that mentions insider’s words which the SEO partner is not keen on explaining to you, keep looking for more.

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4] They claim that SEO alone is enough for your business

SEO is enough to rank your website and get your high-quality traffic but not enough to manage a brand awareness campaign. In fact, you may even need paid campaigns to get more leads because the content and organic growth alone may not always be sufficient to get your conversions you are keen on getting.

Avoid any SEO provider that claims that your business can thrive with SEO alone. You need the full package: SEO, Social Media, Paid campaigns, Content Marketing, Online Reputation Management, etc.

Moreover, ranking the website on the first page of Search Engines is just the first aspect of SEO. The big challenge is retaining the position and preventing competition from poaching your position.

Summing up

Some experts claim that content marketing, viral marketing, paid content distribution, using unorthodox media to reach out to a wider audience will get you more traffic. But this doesn’t mean you should write off blogging or even submissions.

Whenever hiring the best SEO company in India, look for transparency. If the company you are keen on hiring is trash-talking another one or making too good to be true promises, best to keep looking. Most of all, just look for companies that are keen on pursuing your business goals with their SEO strategies.

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