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CMM Training Programs Keep Workers In the Know

Professionals spend long years in university studying, and factory workers need to keep their knowledge and skillsets up to date. The world is changing, and so is the technology driving it.

For manufacturers, the upfront costs of ensuring your workers have the latest knowledge is a sound investment that pays off, even as automation in factories increases. Coordinate measuring machines (CMM machines) are a mainstay on many production lines, performing quality control for a massive range of parts and pieces.

CMM Training Programs

While they’re often associated with automation, they often require human employees to work alongside them. Let’s check out how different CMM training courses maximize your workers effectiveness.

Remote Training

The COVID-19 pandemic made in-class learning impossible, so industry-leading CMM trainers had to pivot, fully transposing their in-class modules for a digital environment. Remote equipment training is available for Absolute ROMER Arms and CMM machines using software like PC-DMIS and PolyWorks.

Often, the best CMM machine dealerships also offer high-quality training sessions. Instructors will share their applications and even control their students’ screens for easy and constant collaboration.

If you need the basics, some offer one-day Fundamentals of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing courses that bring each participant to an operational level of understanding. Workers can learn from anywhere – the factory or from home.


Top metrology dealers offer a series of instructional videos that make up all the course material for a full PC-DMIS or MODUS training program. The course can teach anyone to use either PC-DMIS or MODUS and supplements classroom training.

The user gets easy, use on-demand, and interactive learning experience. The full suite of training video tutorials can also serve as a resource for trained workers who just need to refresh their memory or face a challenging measuring problem in their work.

In other words, beginners and those who already work with CMM machines can benefit from this type of training.

A quiz follows every module to ensure students have absorbed the material, and a certificate is issued upon completion of the course. Such programs optimize equipment use and are commonly used to cross-train employees, making factory operations more seamless and optimized.

What kinds of programs do you need to learn? Don’t engage a metrology dealer unless they can teach Quindos, Datapage+, and more.

Custom Training

Some factory owners have unique processes and require custom training. The best metrology dealerships can accommodate any training needs at all, even at your location.

Usually, you just need to send them some basic contact information and the duration and nature of the training, and they can come to your factory and show your workers whatever they need to learn.

CMM machines are often associated with automation, but they usually require a human employee to manually work alongside them. Get the most out of your machines by finding the best metrology dealerships to train your workers so they feel confident and know everything they need to in a world that keeps changing.

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