Choosing Floor Cleaning Machines For Your Business

When purchasing the cleaning products, tools and equipment for your business one item which you will certainly need is a floor cleaning machine, such as a vacuum cleaner.

This is an essential for every single business; no matter what industry you operate in or premises you boast. After all, what is the point in having a cleaner if he or she can’t clean the floors?

Get The Right Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines

Floor Cleaning Machines


There are lots of different floor cleaning machines available on the internet today for various flooring solutions. This can often be baffling for a lot of business owners or individuals in charge or purchasing because they feel at a loss regarding what to buy.

Nevertheless, if you can find a machine which boasts the following qualities, then you are assured to be satisfied with your purchase.

1] A dual purpose vacuum cleaner

A dual purpose floor cleaner is one which is suited to both wet and dry conditions. This is important because it ensures that all areas are covered. You may think that you only need a dry vacuum cleaner. However, if an area of the floor was wet and you did not realise, then you could easily end up damaging the floor cleaning machine.

This is obviously something which can be very damaging because it means you may have to pay for a repair or replacement, which will cost you even more money. Thus, it is worth saving yourself from any hassle and simply buying a wet/dry vacuum cleaner in the first place.

Dual purpose vacuum cleaner

2] Structofoam construction 

The best floor cleaning machines available on the internet today have been made from Structofoam. Popular vacuum cleaner manufacturers, such as Henry and Numatic, have utilised this durable and effective material.

What is Structofoam? Essentially they are plastic pallets. Yet, what sets them apart from the rest is that they are designed with strength and durability at the forefront. Nevertheless, they still feel lightweight and thus no added inconvenience is added to mobility.

This is very important because plastic vacuum cleaners are usually considered to be less durable because they are cheaper in cost. However, that is certainly not the case when Structofoam is involved – you benefit from the cheaper cost, but the product is by no means cheap in regards to quality.

3] Built to handle large cleaning tasks

And finally, you need to make sure that the floor cleaning machine you choose for your business is built to handle large cleaning tasks. This means that it should have a large filter and the option of large bags.

This ensures that your cleaner can use the machine for a big amount of time without needing to change the bag; it also ensures that the cleaning task is done to the highest of standards. In addition to this, make sure that the vacuum cleaner you buy has heavy duty castors fitted.

This is important for ease of mobility, but it is also important because it ensures that your vacuum can handle large amounts of input without any risk of breakage.

If you buy a floor cleaning machine which boasts the three key components mentioned in this article then you can rest assured that your money has been well spent.

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