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How to Determine If the Inverter Battery Price Is Right for You?

An inverter battery price is almost always the starting point of any buying decision, but how do you make sure that the price you are being offered is ideal for the inverter and that you should invest in that inverter model. What decides the price point? Are there any pointers that can help you make sense of it?

And why do some inverters cost more than the others? If you would like to get answers to all these questions and more, then you have landed at the right place, as we are going to help you determine if the inverter battery price that you are being offered is the right ask or not!

Inverter Battery Price

Let’s kickoff the list with the most important factor that you should bear in mind.

Your Power Requirement

The more power you need, the more powerful the inverter battery needs to be. The inverter battery price will vary depending on how much power you require to keep your home appliances running during an outage.

In case of a normal household a 700-900 VA inverter with a 150 Ah battery should suffice; however, depending on your power and load requirement you might need more power which will determine the final inverter battery price.

Type of Inverter and Battery

The type of inverter and battery is also important in determining whether you are being offered a good buying price for the product. A pure sine wave inverter will always cost more compared to a modified sine wave or square wave inverter as it’s more efficient and delivers consistent power throughout its life cycle.

Similarly, a tall tubular battery will likely cost more than a flat plate one. So, depending on your requirement and the technology used, the inverter battery price will be directly impacted by your choices.

Brand and Build Quality

Inverter battery price offered by a local manufacturer will be significantly less than the price offered by a reputed brand. It’s up to you to choose quality over price, as brands have a reputation to maintain and, therefore, only manufacture products of the highest build quality.

Therefore, it’s always wise to spend a little extra and invest in a product manufactured by a renowned brand instead of picking up an inverter battery from a local manufacturer.

Quality of Ownership

If quality of ownership matters to you and you want an inverter battery that’s efficient and will be able to deliver superior backup throughout its service life with little to no maintenance, choose an inverter and battery that’s been known to deliver exceptional value in terms of ownership.

Investing in a good quality inverter battery is paramount if you want a product that’s durable, powerful and efficient, and you can be sure that the inverter battery price you are being offered is worth it if the brand, make, and quality are top-notch, and no corners have been cut while making the product.

Luminous has a range of high-quality inverter battery combos available in a range of inverter battery prices; all manufactured using the highest-grade materials and components.

So, if you are looking for an inverter battery combo that is sure to give your money’s worth, then do check out their stellar range of inverter battery combos that will keep your home appliances up and running for years to come.

The inverter battery price should be one of several factors when choosing an inverter battery combo for your home.

Never settle for an inverter just because it comes at a lower price, it’s important to pay attention to the make and build of the product, the brand, technology it’s based on and the overall quality of ownership that you expect out of it. Now, that you have got the facts straight, we hope you can make a better buying decision!

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