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20+ Pet Animals Name in English with Pictures

Pet animals can be the basis of mindfulness, which includes attention, intention, compassion, and awareness. Animals can also provide comfort and support.

Pet Animals List – Pet Animals along with their Names & Pictures

Pet Animals Name in English

Here are more than 20 animals that you can adopt as adorable pets. Animals can be classified into three categories Herbivores, Carnivores, or Omnivores.


The cow is a pet. It is white, black, brown or pied in many colors. The cow’s tail is long, which helps it to fly away from the flies that sit on its body. It has four legs and two horns. Cow’s milk is a good source of protein and calcium. It’s a herbivore animal.


A dog is a loyal animal found in the house, it is also found in the forests. The ability of the dog to smell is powerful. It can be seen even at night. It is found in different species all over the world.

Dogs help humans in many roles such as hunting, guarding, assisting the police and military, etc. People like to go for walks with their dogs and play with them in the gardens.


A cat is a very small pet animal. Cats have four legs, two bright brown eyes, and a tail. Its claws and teeth are very sharp. Cats have a very strong sense of smell. Cat is one of the most domesticated animals in the world. They like to eat milk, fish, etc.


Buffalo is a mammal animal. The leading food of buffalo is hay and fodder. The buffalo is black in color. Buffaloes have big and strong horns. We get milk from buffaloes.

Buffaloes are reared for milk production in rural parts. Buffaloes like to sit in the pond. Buffalo dung is used to make manure for the fields. Dung gas is made by using buffalo dung.


A goat is a pet. It is a mammalian animal. Generally, the life span of a goat is 10 to 15 years. It is a herd animal. They like to live in herds, not to be alone. Goats easily climb mountains.

Its trade is beneficial in rural parts of the country. Goat is reared for milk and meat. The meat of goats is preferred in rural areas. Farmers in the country do animal husbandry along with agriculture, in which they mainly keep goats and cows.


Sheep is a domesticated animal that is bred for business. It is a very useful animal from which we get wool and milk etc. Different breeds of sheep are found almost all over the world.

Some breeds of sheep also have horns, but most sheep do not have horns. Sheep have four legs, two eyes, ears, and a short tail. Their whole body is covered with thick hair, which keeps growing continuously. From these hairs, we get wool, which is regularly separated from the body of sheep. 


‘Monkey’ is a very intelligent creature. It is a quadrupedal animal with four legs, two eyes, two ears, and a long tail. Monkeys are very agile. It jumps very easily from one branch on the tree to another.

Monkeys have total of 32 teeth. Monkey likes “banana” more in food. There are 260 living species of monkeys in the world. Monkeys and humans share 98 percent of their DNA. The first monkey sent into space was named ‘Albert II’. World Monkey Day is celebrated every year on 14 December.


Rabbits, like us humans, can be sad and feel lonely. The female rabbit gives birth to 6 to 8 young. Rabbits are found in the grasslands, deserts, and watery areas in the forest. People also keep it as a pet in their homes.

The sound of a rabbit is like that of a cat. Their teeth are very strong and keep growing throughout their life. They like to live by making pits in the ground. Rabbits have big ears and round eyes. The eyes and work of a rabbit resemble those of a horse.


Rats are known as mammals, which are very agile and can reach from one place to another in a few seconds in the blink of an eye. The average lifespan of a rat is about 2 years.

Rats are mainly found in many colors, including brown, white and black, and out of these, black rats are most commonly found in our homes. It has a total of 12 teeth, which are very sharp and through which they take its food.

They are known as omnivorous animals, which apart from vegetarian food also eat non-vegetarian food. The memory of a mouse is very fast, so if you ever leave it somewhere far away, then it can remember the way and come back again easily.


An elephant is a giant animal found in the forest. They are scientifically called Elephas maximus. Elephants have four legs, two long and sharp white teeth, two large ears, a long trunk, and a tail.

Their skin is thick and their color is gray. Elephants are big and powerful, so it is not easy to keep and control them. It is very risky. An elephant is a vegetarian animal. It eats twigs and leaves of trees. Elephants love green fodder, bananas, and sugarcane. An elephant eats more than 120 kg of food in a day. The weight of an elephant is about 4000 to 7000 kg.

If any human or animal is crushed under their feet, then it dies till its death. Elephant uses its trunk to drink water and it drinks 8 liters of water in a day. The lifespan of an elephant is 50 to 70 years. 


The bull is a domesticated and simple animal. There are many different species of bull, which are found almost all over the world. Most species of bull are mostly found in our country India.

The bull has four legs, two ears, two horns, and a long tail. Cow and bull have been very useful animals for mankind since ancient times. Farmers keep oxen in their homes. Farmers use them for working in the field, plowing, carrying goods, etc. The average life span of a bull is about 25 to 30 years.


A horse is a herbivorous animal. The neck of the horse is long, high, and thick-haired. The height of the horse ranges from five to six feet. The life span of a horse is from twenty-five to thirty years.

Many species of horses are found all over the world. Of these species, the Arabian horse is considered to be the most special. Because it is known for its speed and agility. The horse always remembers his master, he never forgets him and is always loyal to him. Grass and fodder are the favorite food of the horse.


The donkey is a domesticated herbivorous animal. It fills its stomach by eating grass, leaves, etc. The donkey is the smallest member of the horse species. The stature of a donkey is similar to that of a horse.

A donkey has four legs, two ears, two eyes, and a tail. The donkey has thick hair on the top of its neck and on its tail. The donkey is a very useful animal. Donkeys are used to carry loads. Donkeys make the sound of Dhenchu-Dhenchu. The donkey is famous all over the world for its stupidity.


Camels have padded paws which help them to walk on sand. Camels can travel long distances in deserts where there is no arrangement for food or water. This animal can live without water for several days after drinking water once. On average, a camel weighing 600 kg can drink 200 liters of water in just 3 minutes.

They move very fast in sandy areas, so they are used to traveling in such places. Camels can run at a speed of 40 km/h in the desert. In many countries, army personnel also use them for surveillance on the border. The hot climate of the desert is favorable for camels. Camel does not use its hump to store water as people understand.

The structure of a camel’s mouth is such that it can chew even thorny plants. Camel dung is not wet, it does not need to be dried, it can be burnt directly. They move faster in desert and sandy places.


The pig is a domesticated mammal. Pig species are found almost all over the world. The pig has four legs, two eyes, two long ears, and a twisted tail. The nose of a pig is long. The neck of the pig is short and its head is long.

The female pig gives birth twice a year. It gives birth to about 8 to 12 babies at a time. Pigs are mostly found in the country of China. World Pig Day is celebrated every year in America on 1 March. There is only one pig in the country of Afghanistan which is kept in the museum there.


The chicken is a domestic bird, which is found almost all over the world. It fills its stomach by eating grains, grains, insects, and insects. The male bird is called a rooster and the female is called a hen. More than 500 breeds of chicken are found all over the world.

A chicken has two legs, two wings, two eyes, a beak, and a crest on its forehead. The hen cannot fly unevenly like other birds, it can only fly at low altitudes for very short periods of time. The whole body of the chicken is covered with small feathers. Chicken is a very useful bird, people keep it in their homes.


The duck is also a domestic bird like a chicken. Ducks have two round eyes, a flat beak, two legs, and two wings, and they have long necks. Ducks like to be in the water.

The special structure of their toes helps them to swim in the water. It finds its food both underwater and on land. Their whole body is covered with small feathers, which protect them from water, sun, cold, etc.

The structure of their wings is such that they do not get wet by water. Ducks are found almost all over the world. Ducks also lay eggs like chickens, but their eggs are slightly larger than chicken eggs. The average lifespan of a duck is from 2 to 10 years.


The pigeon is a very beautiful bird which is found almost all over the world. Pigeons are of different colors like white, gray, and black. Pigeons have two eyes, two wings, two claws, and small feathers all over their body.

Pigeon paws are dark red in color. Pigeons mostly live in herds, there are about 10-22 pigeons in their flock. Pigeons eat wheat, cereals, pulses, etc. in their diet. Pigeon’s hearing and memory power are more than other birds. Pigeons were used as messengers in ancient times. 


The color of the parrot’s beak is red. The parrot is a vegetarian bird that likes to eat fruits and vegetables. It likes chili very much. Parrots like to live in herds and also go in search of food in the herd itself.

It is a very intelligent bird and if kept among humans for a month, it learns to imitate them. The parrot’s tongue is thick. A parrot’s nest is called “Kotar” in Hindi. There are more than 350 species of parrots in the world.

The weight of a parrot can range from 500 grams to a kilo. The female parrot lays 10 to 15 eggs in a year. The average lifespan of a parrot can range from 10 years to 70 years. Parrots can also be taught to speak.


Hamsters are gentle. In wooded areas, they hide in underground burrows in broad daylight to avoid being caught by predators. Their diet includes a wide variety of foods including dry fruits, plums, almonds, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

In the wild, they will eat wheat, almonds, and some fruits and vegetables they can find lying on the ground, and occasionally they will eat small insects such as small fruit flies, moths, and mealworms.


Chameleons are famous all over the world for their color change. The place where the chameleon lives gradually changes the color of that place. The chameleon is a species of reptile. The chameleon changes its color according to the environment or seeing danger. The food of chameleons is insects, worms, and insects.

The chameleon’s body structure makes it easy to climb trees. Chameleon’s zip is long, it catches its prey with the help of its jeep. A chameleon is a lizard-like creature. Chameleons are found in almost every region of India. Like the lizard, the chameleon also has two claws in the front and two in the back.

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