Entertaining Clients On a Company Budget

Author, business consultant, and Professor Michael LeBoeuf once said that, “a satisfied customer, is the best business strategy of all.” Many successful business men have made similar statements, such as Henry Ford, who wisely noted, “It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.”

How to Entertaining Clients On a Company Budget

Entertaining Clients on a Company Budget

Entertaining Clients

If one is looking to increase the profit of any business, one must turn their attention to the needs, quantity, and satisfaction of their clients. A simple act of entertainment may be one of the best ways to acquire new clients and show your appreciation to loyal prospects. This post has been designed to help you think outside the box and show your patrons a good time – without putting a dent in your budget!

The Classic.

If your budget is tight, but you’re looking to impress a potential client or investor with an exquisite meal, Groupon Pages is the tool for you! This invaluable source is a directory of dining options in your area that provides helpful details like reviews, restaurant descriptions, and current specials. The best part? Groupon Pages offers fantastic discount codes that will save you money on first-class meals. Take a look at the page for this classy establishment in New York City called, Delmonico’s Restaurant Group. If the Wall Street Journal has given this restaurant a big thumbs-up, then so will your clients!

An Unforgettable Impression.

Do you have a client that you want to blow away with an unforgettable impression? Don’t be afraid to get creative! If your place of business is in the Bay Area, thrill your client with a short ride on a shuttle boat that transports hungry and excited customers to Forbes Island! This unique eatery has received praise from countless critics and offers seating high up in a historic lighthouse, or even in an underwater dining room!

Keep it Cool.

Keep It Cool

Keep It Cool

As you entertain your clients, it is imperative that you get a read on their preferences and their comfort zone. If your prospects carry themselves with a casual attitude, it’s not a problem to treat them to a casual lunch! Big & little’s is a Chicago favorite with sterling reviews for their selection of seafood and American cuisine. Click the link, snag a coupon code, and treat your client to a casual meal that tastes as wonderful as the business you have to offer!

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The Extra Mile.

Not only does Groupon offer a massive restaurant directory, but they also provide innumerable listings and discounts for activities! Pair your lunch with a sporting event or a day on the golf course! When it comes to impressing and acquiring valuable clients, the possibilities are endless. Get creative. Put some thought into the event and show them the same consideration that you put into your business! 😉

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