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Why are Organic Rankings Essential for Higher Conversions and Traffic On Websites?

Whether you are an established business an entrepreneur just starting out your business the need for SEO (search engine optimization) is essential for sustained sales and growth.

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Google’s algorithm is particularly specific in how it selects relevant searches based on select keywords. Knowing the ins and outs of how SEO works can help your website gain more traffic that ultimately lead to higher conversions.

1] Organic Vs. Paid

Google offers the option for companies to pay to be on the first, second and third place on rankings based on targeted keywords. However, this can quickly become quite expensive and is not an altogether long-term solution to drive sales, especially, for businesses that are growing or just starting out.

The advantages of paid ads are that you see results right away but if you don’t have proper SEO you will subsequently find that your ads are much more expensive than that of your competition.

Organic marketing or SEO is a more long-term approach to building a credible and reliable online presence by focusing on both on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Generating relevant and engaging content, backlinking, and correctly placing meta tags, keywords, and directory listing can all help in quickly elevating your website to desireable rankings on Google.

The best part about organic marketing is that each person that comes onto your website do so without you having to be billed for it. This makes it a much more inexpensive medium to generate traffic unlike paid social media marketing and Google Ads.

2] DIY or Hiring An Agency?

Google’s A9 algorithm is becoming far too complex for someone who is a novice or beginner when it comes to SEO. If you are not an SEO expert it is best to look for an SEO agency that specializes in your particular niche and has the track record to back up their claims.

Organic Search Engine Optimization @ Digital Domination Dojo specializes in both on-page and off-page SEO and has worked with many well-renowned brands producing amazing results. The team behind the agency are some of the most reputed SEO experts out there and offer unparallel service and results.

3] So What Are The Benefits Of SEO?

They are several benefits of having an expert take care of your website’s SEO needs.

  • SEO results in a lower cost of customer acquisition in the long-run.
  • SEO helps in building credibility and awareness as your business is recognized by Google, the biggest search engine in the world.
  • Increased traffic and higher conversions.
  • Once the foundation is laid minimal ongoing costs are required to maintain rankings.
  • Leads to reduced costs for Google Ads.

4] Hiring the Experts

With such intense online competition hiring the right SEO expert who can cater to your specific business needs is essential to the growth and success of any online business. When hiring experts make sure that they are credible, reliable and well-reputed in the SEO marketplace.

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