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How Not to Do Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is an essential step to building contacts for your business. Blogger outreach can play a crucial role in marketing your business or product. However, if done wrong, it can negatively impact your business.

To give your business the boost it needs and make sure what you say is delivered precisely how you want, experts at Healthy Links suggest a few things to avoid while doing blogger outreach.

How Not to Do Blogger Outreach

The first thing which everyone should keep in mind before contacting a blogger is that they receive plenty of emails every single day. This means that they get a lot of offers from various brands and websites every day.

Why should they hire you? So while going through your offer, they will have many others lined up what could you possibly do to drive them away? The answer to this question is straightforward; a generic email.

If you are writing the same email to every blogger out there, the chances are that you will never hear back from any single one of them. According to Outreach Solutions which is a professional agency, the idea is simple, you have to show your interest in their blog. After all, you chose them now give them a reason to choose you.

A generic email not only shows a lack of interest but also a lack of respect towards the blogger and can be very off-putting. Bloggers have several contacts, and if you mess up, there is a likelihood of being ignored by the entire community, so this is a fundamental thing that you should NOT do while doing blogger outreach.

Who are you writing for?

The other thing that you should NOT do is linked to the first one. Placing an offer without prior research on the blogger is as bad as sending an email to the wrong person. To seem genuinely interested, you must know the blog and blogger you are targeting.

You should see the kind of content they share and produce. You should also know the tone that they use on their blog. These small things make a massive difference while being shortlisted for their blog.

If you send them an offer in which you ask to do a tech-related post and their blog is about beauty and wellness, you will offend them. Many bloggers have shared stories of receiving such emails.

The internet is filled with generic emails and offers and poorly researched articles, why should anyone hire you for that? So a poorly researched offer is also a big NO while doing blogger outreach.

Which type of content are you sending?

Another thing that you should not do is offer a bad piece of writing. While sending in an offer, make sure that you send in your strongest piece of writing. Not only that but also make sure your style of writing complements the type of content they post on their blog.

Type of content

Sending in a piece that is not in line with their theme is going to reflect poorly on your credibility. Sending in a sample is very crucial, so always refine your piece. It is what is going to attract them towards your business or website. Many people do not believe in sending in the best samples and save the best ones for later.

However, this practice is looked down upon by many who believe that businesses should open with their best piece of writing.

Why should they be interested?

While sending in an offer always think what is in it for them? Many people have a habit of spamming bloggers emails with content that their readers may or may not be interested in. They do not know they are just taking a chance.

This is the wrong approach because of many reasons. Firstly, bloggers have a broad audience, and they know how to keep their fan base intact. They are not desperate for content; they do not need you. You need them so while making an offer always keep in mind that you will have to do something for them in return.

It is a give and take, and you can’t take from them if you can’t give them you can’t expect to receive anything from them. The bottom line is that you should NOT merely send them your offer without thinking about their part of the deal.

If you are successful in avoiding the above don’ts, then you can sit back and relax while the bloggers respond to your offers.

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