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Since the advent of the cryptocurrency in the digital and financial world in 2009, it has seen a humongous boom. It is now a 200-billion-dollar economy which is extremely popular for its wealth growth and the safety and security of finances that it promises.

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But how many cryptocurrencies are present now? What are the differences? To your surprise, as of 2018, there are more than a thousand cryptocurrencies available, with most famous of them being Bitcoin.

They all have their specifications, and therefore the exchange rates differ making crypto exchange market a vibrant trading spot.

1] The Exchange Market for Cryptocurrency

This investor’s paradise is set to see a new high with the availability of an increasing number of options for exchanges at a reasonable price. It is speculated to be a trillion-dollar market by the 2019 end with a growing number of people interested in trading here.

But the problems faced in doing this can range from getting to know the best currencies and its rate to deal in, to understand the desired currency pair for exchanges and more.

CoinSwitch offers all of these services with many more to supplement and secure your crypto-to-crypto trading since 2017.

2] CoinSwitch : The Best Platform for Exchange

CoinSwitch offers best rates for crypto-to-crypto exchanges for more than 300 cryptocurrencies. If you are planning to invest or exchange the digital currencies, you need a platform which provides a wide range of options.

There are more than 45000 currency pair options to choose from. But what if you are stuck somewhere? The CoinSwitch has an exceptional network to provide you with reliable support 24×7 in case of any doubts.

CoinSwitch also offers its users a hassle-free experience by not asking them to create an account, yet allows them to exchange bitcoins at best rates.

So, now you can convert Bitcoin and other 300+ altcoins to any crypto of your choice with CoinSwitch. It allows you to monitor live crypto-to-crypto prices (Eg: ETH/BTC price chart) and trade at the best possible rates.

Here, you can look for the various exchange rate for the best price in the market at one place and do the transactions for a minimal cost with free withdrawal and deposits.

CoinSwitch being a global service provider, you don’t have to worry about not being able to access your crypto when in a different nation. This is one of the reasons that make the CoinSwitch the best crypto-to-crypto trading site.

3] The Way Forward

Looking at the market expansion of the digital currency it is very evident that investors will not shy away from spending vast amounts of money on cryptocurrencies.

Digital currencies have made considerable disruptions in the past few years in the financial sector. For the betterment and advantage of the investors, there’s to be a platform which provides holistic all in one solution for crypto trading. To this effect, CoinSwitch fits the bill for its transaction suitability.

The ease through which it gives the number of options makes it the safest cryptocurrency converter for a fast and reliable trading experience.

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