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How To Block Ads On Your Android Mobile/Browser

Welcome back Friends, Today at Just Web World we’re back with all new and interesting post How to stop ads in android for android users. First of all i would like to ask you one question, do you like ads coming on any application or web browser. I know that most you, actually all of you would say no because they are not only annoying but disgusting too and you want to get rid of them as fast as possible, right?

How to Block Ads In Android App / Browser / Phone

How to block ads in android apps

How to block ads in android

If yes then you’re at the right place finding answer towards your question. From the recent survey’s it has been observed that 80% of the population hate Ads on their android phone, to get rid of it even their are some premium versions of apps which are Ad free but they are not, you need to purchase them from play store. To get rid of all the Ads whether in the apps / games or browser only we have two solutions below which you must check out without wasting much time.

Ad Block Plus (ABP)

Blocking Ads on android is easy and the best app to get rid of all Ads on your android phone is Ad Block Plus. Using this app is far easier than any other Ad Blocking apps even this app is lite and best rated on google play store with heavy reviews. What actually this app do is, it blocks all the Ads shown on any app, game or web browser. You can get this app for free at Google Play Store.

Using Ad Block Plus

Using Ad Block Plus is recommended because this app not only have a good user base but with easy navigation and installation. Before proceeding on how you can use Ad Block Plus to block ads on android, you need to download and install it.

Recently, Google removed all Ads Blocking apps from play store so now you need to download it from their source website, or click here.

Now, to install it you should have enabled Unknown Sources option from the settings menu, if you haven’t done it anytime before then kindly refer below.

  • Open settings on your android device.
  • Click on security, scroll down and you will see an option of Unknown Sources.
  • Single click on unknown Sources and you’re done.
  • Now open the downloads and click on it for installation process.

Configuring Ad Block Plus

Now, once you have done all the things listed above then you might move to this step. In this step it involves very little worries about your phone if its on warranty period because now you will need to root your phone, if you’re a rooted user then you can proceed reading below otherwise follow the guide below for continue rooting your android device.

  • First of all, To root device you need to install Framaroot APK.
  • Once installed, open it and select Install SuperUser Su and click OK.
  • Now your phone will restart at least two times and will show an message that your phone has been successfully rooted.
  • Once the successfully rooted message comes open SuperUser Su, close it and restart your phone.
  • Now, your phone has been rooted successfully.

Once, you have a rooted device. Open Ad Block Plus and allow SuperUser permission to start blocking Ads on your android device.

Ad Block Plus

Ad Block Plus

Ad Block Plus Browser Extension

Ad Block Plus also has an Browser extension which helps in blocking Ads on browser of your Android Device. It does not block any Ads on games or apps of your android phone. You can get this extension from website of Ad Block Plus.

Block Ads On Android Phone Using Hosts File.

This process is time consuming but is good if you don’t have much storage space available in your phone. This process also requires you to have an rooted device, if you don’t have then check above for rooting an android phone. Once you have rooted your phone then you may continue reading below.

  • To get started you need to download Host file from here.
  • Once you have downloaded this file on your computer, you need to transfer it in your phone.
  • Now, download any root android file manager.
  • Once you have installed an root android file manager simple copy the Host file and paste it in your android phone /ETC or /System/ETC folder.
  • Finally, now you won’t get anymore Ads on your device.


Hope you all have enjoyed reading this article on How To Block Ads (Advertisement) On Your Android Devices. If you have any doubts or facing any problems in the procedure then you can feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to share this post because sharing is caring.

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  • Most of us don’t have rooted android devices. It would be nice to have more effective ways to stop this “in your face” advertising schemes. There is a difference between advertising and advertising manipulation. When I want to go to a web site and read an article and for some unknown reason all the sudden my screen starts flashing I could possibly have 7 viruses on my android device, I need to scan now, has become the norm. When hitting your back page and then being sent to a hundred different places and the ONLY way to stop it is to close your page and start over again, in my opinion, is when advertising has gone to far. We are the ones that allow this to exist and we are the only ones to come together and stop it.