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Better Smoke Tips and Tricks (The Beginner’s Guide)

People have been smoking for a very long time now but newer generations have found a very creative way to use smoke. What might have started with regular smokers being bored and coming up with a new trend, developed into something quite massive.

How To Smoke A Cigar Like A Pro

Ways to Learn Smoking Tricks

That’s why today we have so many different people coming up with smoke tricks. If you’re bummed about not being able to do them yourself, it’s alright because anyone can as long as they practice enough. It’s worth noting that it’s very important how you practice as well, not just for how long.

So if you’re doing all the wrong things over and over, you’re just developing and strengthening bad habits which will prevent you from being able to actually do the tricks you most want to learn and show off with to your friends.

When it comes to blowing smoke and executing smoke tricks, there are some things that you have to nail if you want to succeed. Keep reading to see what you need to work on most before you will be able to do smoke tricks like the pros.

1) Make sure that you are using the right smoking tools as the kind of smoke you blow will differ considerably. Cigarette smoke and glass smoke for instance don’t put out the same results. Be sure to check a website like and get something that will really enhance your smoke cloud.

2) Practice keeping smoke in as much as possible. A lot of beginners in smoke tricks are oblivious to the fact that to be good at blowing smoke out, you need to master how to keep smoke in. It’s important to know how to keep smoke in your mouth for a longer period of time.

You can exercise by taking a large inhale and keeping it in your mouth with your cheeks slightly puffed. As you keep it in, the smoke will start to dissipate towards you lungs. What this means is that the smoke that remains in your mouth will be thinner and easier to maneuver.

Ways to Smoke a Cigar

3) Don’t blow smoke, let the smoke out instead. One of the biggest mistakes that beginners make is that they actively look to blow smoke out when it’s time to get it out of their mouths. If you want your smoke to remain packed and come out as a cloud, you need to make sure that you don’t spread it everywhere with your breath.

The correct way to go about it is to not breathe it out at all. Instead, look to just let it out and kind of let it seep out of your mouth instead of you blowing it.

4) Simple tricks are the best way to start. This isn’t necessarily a tip for smoke tricks but for life in general and it just so happens that it applies perfectly here. If you’re going to learn something new, don’t go for the hardest things from the start. Leave the advanced or flashy tricks for now and focus on nailing down the easy ones.

Don’t feel bad about spending a long time on the beginner tricks and spend as much as it takes to nail them. Some cool beginner tricks are the Dragon and Ghost. 🙂

Note: Smoking is injurious to health, Never give your life in the hand of tobacco.

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