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Basic Home Repair Tips | Home Maintenance Tips

A well-maintained home has a higher resale value because it looks alive and gives potential buyers the impression that it has been properly cared for. If you find yourself constantly making repairs around the house, this is the guide for you. This article includes general house repair tips that could help you save your doors, faucets and other important parts of your home.

Basic Home Repair Tips

Silence Door Squeaks

Applying a little lithium grease or olive oil to the top and bottom hinges will stop doors from squeaking. To make the procedure as simple and hygienic as possible, we advise using a pipette or oil can.

Silence a Leaking Faucet

If ignored, leaky faucets can also result in expensive structural damage to your house. If you wait too long, you might end up with damage to your walls, floors, and foundations, and if that happens, you might even find yourself temporarily unable to live in your home.

The sound of a leaking faucet is also a constant reminder that you are wasting water, which can be very irritating. If you can’t fix it right away, tie a string around the faucet and drop it down the drain. Dripping water will flow silently down the string.

Fix a Leaky Window

Silicone caulks can assist in filling in any gaps or cracks in the window. With its flexible material, silicone helps create a durable seal that can be applied to interior or exterior windows and will not crack in extreme heat or cold. These characteristics make it a flexible sealant.

Unlock a Stuck Window

When paint, dust, or moisture accumulate, windows become stuck. To remove old paint, use a utility knife (or a pizza cutter). However, try to avoid gouging the wood sash. Run a humidifier that draws moisture out of the air if high humidity is making it difficult to move windows. Vaseline also can be used as a lubricant. To keep things operating smoothly, rub a thin layer of the gel on windows that squeak or stick.

Seal Asphalt Driveway

It’s time to seal your asphalt driveway with driveway sealer if it looks worn and faded. This liquid substance differs from actual hot or cold asphalt resurfacing materials. Instead, you use a broom to sweep a thin liquid across the driveway’s surface.

Lay Plank Flooring

Few home improvement tasks, such as installing plank flooring are user-friendly for DIY-ers. Fold-and-lock joinery is used to join vinyl or laminate plank flooring side to side. When installing flooring in your home, a good subfloor adhesive can make a big difference in terms of durability and stability.

Cleaning a Clogged Sink

A sizable pot or tea kettle can be used to boil a reasonably large amount of water. It is best to use a tea kettle or other item that allows you to pour directly down the drain. Carry it carefully over to the clogged sink once it has reached a rolling boil. Pour the water into the drain gradually. Be careful not to splash the water to avoid getting burned. Then, allow the clog to dissolve for a few minutes.

Cleaning a Clogged Sink

If you have plastic (PVC) pipes, avoid using boiling water because PVC pipe that is more than 140 degrees Fahrenheit can become brittle. Use a plunger to try and unclog any plastic pipes that are clogged.


No matter how big or small, running a home can be challenging. Regularly monitoring your house will make it less likely that something will go wrong and consequently cost you more money. You should therefore pay attention to tasks involving home repairs, as we would advise.

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