20 Most Beautiful Beaches In Russia

Russia is renowned worldwide for its mammoth deserts, high-rising mountains, rich heritage sites, natural geyser fields and splendid art and architecture. As long as tourism is concerned, Russia is no less than a stunner. The beaches just add to the charm of this holiday getaway in a different light.

Fabulous Beaches In Russia That You Must See

Fabulous Beaches In Russia

From soft white sands to sub-tropical climate, the pristine beaches in Russia will make your vacation more than just perfect. Check out the list of the 20 best beaches in Russia that you shouldn’t miss.

Khalaktyrsky Beach

There’s no doubt about the fact that the Khalaktyrsky Beach is one of the most amazingly entertaining and enchanting beaches of Russia.

The ultimate attraction of this beach is its long stretches of black volcanic sands. Due to the constant volcanic eruption in the peninsula, the sand is formed over several centuries.

Olympic Beach

If you have to consider the Olympic Beach, the beauty of this beach lies in the amazing pebbles that lie scattered across the stretch of 5km.

This beach is located in the lowlands of Imereti in Sochi. This is a delightful beach that starts from the Olympic Park and reaches the Psou River at the border of Abkhazia.

Riviera Beach

The Riviera Beach is situated on the eastern stretch of the Black Sea in Sochi and this too is a black stone beach which serves as the ideal hangout for family and friends. This Riviera Beach is the best place to enjoy parachute flights, banana boat rides, trampoline jumping and hydro cycle rides.

Repino Beach

One of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Russia is the Repino Beach and it has got a clean beach stretch, soothing and tranquil waters and golden sand. Sunbathing and swimming are both considered the most relaxing activities for tourists who indulge in this special beach.

Laskovy Beach

Laskovy Beach is one of the most unique beaches of Russia because of its dense forest, picturesque beauty and sparkling blue water of the ocean. The beach features the best seaside vendors who serve Kvass, a popular local drink. This beach is also known to be a great spot for kite-surfing.

Imeretinskaya Embankment

The Imeretinskaya Embankment is a 4.6 mile stretch of beach that is perched in the town of Sochi in Russia. There is very little or no sand along the embankment but there are several interesting activities taking place in this beach. You can walk on beautiful pathways surrounded by towering trees.

Promenade Beach

The Promenade Beach is located in Yantarnyy and it happens to be one of the most magical beaches of Russia for its white sand and blue waters. You can spend a quiet picnic or do some thrilling adventure activities like ropeway rides and rides that will definitely make your trip memorable.

Rosa Beach

Rosa Beach is located on the banks of the river where you can find yourself getting lost in the natural beauty of the riverside park. You can also find the best luxury hotels like Radisson on the bank of the water. You can engage in activities like sunbathing and swimming at the Rosa Beach.

Durso Beach

Durso Beach is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Russia where you can spend the best holidays with your loved ones. The beach boasts of azure waters that break into the waves by the time you reach the shore. Swimming, camping, hiking, eateries and trekking are few activities to enjoy.

Vityazevo Beach

Vityazevo Beach is certainly one of the most popular beaches in Russia and hence it is most often frequented by people all over the world. The place comprises of vast stretches of white sand on the fringes of water where you can sunbathe or just lounge away. For swimmers, this is a peaceful beach.

Beach Kamenka

Beach Kamenka is one of the most amazing beaches of Russia due to its picturesque and idyllic beauty. The waters are peaceful and calm and the sand is perfect and soft for a picnic or a pleasant walk.

Golden Beach

Golden Beach is a great place to relax and unwind when you’re in St. Petersburg, Russia. This is a large stretch of sandy beach that has sparkling blue water. This is a bustling centre of society and culture where people enjoy picnics and adventure.

Nagaev Bay

This beach is named after the Russian hydrographer, Admiral Aleksei Ivanovich Nagayev – The Nagayev Bay is one of the most stunning ice beaches in Russia. The icy rocks of this place add to the beauty of the famous bay.

Yarinsky Beach

Yarinsky Beach is one of the most famous sub-tropical beaches of Russia. It is situated on Jagry Island in Severodvinsk, the beach offers a natural retreat to the visitors. This beach is characterized by pristine blue waters and creates a magical effect during sunset.

Podrezovo Beach

Podrezovo Beach is popular for its calm blue waters and soft white sands. There are no rough waves in this beach and hence it is an ideal place for relaxing, strolling and swimming.

Tarkhovka Beach

The Tarkhovka Beach is one of the most romantic Russia beaches that are famous for its rocky and sandy shore, tranquil ambience and subtropical climate. This is also the most populated beaches of Russia.

Astafyev’s Bay

If you’re a nature lover and you simply love tranquillity and peace, there are several beaches to visit but the Astafyev’s Beach is certainly the best one in Russia. The water is so clear that you can clearly see the sea-bed.

Vysoky Bereg Beach

The Vysoky Bereg Beach is a rather beautiful beach with rocky surfaces and very little sand and pebbles. The visitors and tourists get the best beach experience here. From the shores of the beach, you can watch the skyline of Anapa city.

Kremlevskaya Beach

The Chivirkuiskiy Isthmus is not just a stunning beach but it is also famous for its amazing natural retreats across the whole Russia. One side is surrounded by dense pine trees and the other side by grey-blue mountains.

Kremlevskie Beach

This is a unique and gorgeous beach that is located close to Kremlin and it is the centre of the Russian government. This is one of the most unique beaches in Russia that has formed on the banks of the river.

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