Top 16+ Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services

In today’s era, a reverse phone lookup is one of the most necessary tools. Thanks to the advancements in the field of technology that we can fight against telecommunication spam.

Have you been receiving too many calls from telemarketers regularly or has some unknown number been disturbing you lately?

Best Reverse Phone Lookup (Apps/Websites)

Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services

If answered yes, this is where the services of a phone number look service come in. Here, in this post, we have listed the top 17 free reverse phone lookup services for you.


This is touted to be one of the most trustworthy reverse phone lookup services. In this white pages directory, you are allowed to search for phone numbers, names, addresses and more.

Not only that, you can also get details of the social profiles of the unknown callers. You don’t need to sign up to avail their services. Just feed in your phone number and mail ID to receive all information at lightning speed. is a people search tool, first and foremost. This means that it’s a public records search tool that pulls information from thousands of databases across the country. That said, has several tools to help you find something you’re looking for. These tools include a reverse address, email, and phone number tool. There is also a basic search option for situations where you only have their name.

Where shines above the competition is with its interface. The interface is hassle-free to use and gives you results in seconds instead of minutes like many other people search tools.


Spokeo offers reverse phone lookup service along with search via email or address. You can find classmates, friends, identify unknown phone numbers, and more. It also can be helpful to those who are looking for the contact information of a lost pet owner.

Service uses thousands of sources and offers a range of possible subscriptions.


This is undoubtedly one of the most advanced services that you may get in the market. You can check all sorts of details of both a landline number and a cell phone number.

This service even works with non-published numbers. This service also takes a look at the social media and the address books contributed by users to get accurate details.


This is one more 100% free of cost reverse phone lookup service. All you need to do is to feed in the 10-digit number and soon you’ll get the details of the called in few seconds.

However, this service only works in the United States of America and not in any other country. Hence you’ll need VPN to avail the service of USPhone Book.


ZLookup makes services of reverse phone lookup extremely easy due to the interesting user interface. You’re allowed to search for any contact number free of cost at Zlookup.

However, this service doesn’t give you a chance to search names, mail addresses or any other details. Nevertheless, you can make calls using Zlookup. They use cutting-edge technology for the users.


This is more than a reverse phone lookup service. They let you do an extensive market research with a definite phone number.

You’re also allowed to do check out addresses, perform background checks and do several other things on PeopleFinders. So, you can find every possible detail of the caller by utilizing their public records.


CellRevealer is touted to give you the most accurate results by using this free reverse phone lookup service. By utilizing the caller ID database, you’re allowed to search a contact number and grab all the details that you may need.

This is a convenient and fast way of identifying unknown calls. You can also mark and block spam calls so that the user can remain safe.


BeenVerified can be marked as a background check service that offers you extensive reverse phone lookup services. With this service, you can also check whether or not the caller has any criminal background. BeenVerified has mobile apps for iOS, Android and Apple Watch. This is a powerful tool that lets you search thousands of data points.


This is an extremely useful online directory service that lets you do background checks and reverse phone lookup free of cost.

With the largest database of details of phone numbers on American residents, this tool is immensely handy for verification of ID and screening of fraud. Businesses are allowed to choose the premium packages as well.


This is a user-friendly phone number lookup service that is 100% free and needs no registration to signup. You get the details of the caller along with the address and for that you need to enter the phone number.

This service’s website also gives you an extensive phone directory. They claim to cover thrice more residential listings than other tools. This is their USP.

ADDRESSES.COM is yet another leading public record provider in America. But as per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, they’re not a consumer reporting company.

This means you can’t use details from this tool for any other purpose. They offer you accurate and reliable information about the contact numbers that you search.


AnyWho provides a free reverse call lookup with the address and name. You’re also allowed to find a local business by its name and check through its Yellow Page listings.

Their service is not only reliable but also fast. The interface of the website is also user-friendly and can be used by a novice. Just enter the 10-digit number and click on ‘search’.


Truecaller is undoubtedly one of the most used reverse phone lookup services worldwide. More than 150 million people use this app everyday on their smartphones. This too is free and gives you instant details of the caller. But you require registering in order to avail their services.


TruthFinder is one of the best tools for contact details that are private. Thanks to their lookup algorithm, you enter the phone number and the app searches the social profiles too.

What more, you can even track the employment details and the photos of the caller. This app also lets you check criminal records.

REVERSE PHONE LOOKUP.COM has been aiding users to reap the benefits of services free of cost since 2010. This free service provider had been accepted among a million users now. Though this service only works in the US, you may still use it while travelling by using VPN. You can get name, mail ID and address of the caller.


This is an all-inclusive public record search service. You get the services free of cost; you run background checks and can also check criminal records or aliases.

This is a confidential service provider that gives you an option to check as many searches as you want. If you wish to retrieve information of your mysterious caller, you may have to pay a small fee.

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