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Best Websites to Go To For Mental Health Help

Mental health issues have been becoming quite prevlent in the recent decade and hence a lot of research is being conducted regarding them to address these issues in a better manner. Mental health has become the focus of the mainstream media as well in recent times; a lot of TV shows are bringing it to attention.

A lot of movies have also been made around them for example, the famous Joker, Silver Linings Playbook, Split, Still Alice, It’s Kind Of A Funny Story, and many more.

Mental Health Help

Not a lot of attention was paid to mental health issues, however, the Internet and TV have helped spread a lot of awareness regarding mental health struggles that people have been facing for a while. There may have been a lot of research in this arena, but the movies, internet, and TV are just catching up.

However, when it comes to information that is imparted through digital media, or TV for that matter one has to be very careful in detecting what is real and what has just been put out there for the sake of the drama, or to get ratings or a lot of clicks.

So it is essential that we know the info that we are headed towards is substantial or not. We have to be careful while absorbing information about mental health issues; it is important to rely on facts rather than just getting influenced by a famous TV or movie character.

If you are suffering from mental issue or your loved one is, then here we have credible websites that you can rely on while looking for information regarding mental health. These are some websites that are solely based on addressing mental issues.

Psychology Today

The website has several articles and studies regarding mental health field. This platform has several psychologists, psychiatrists, and writers who contribute to put forward the message regarding mental health to the general public.

It discusses different disorders, mental struggles, emotional struggles, and possible solutions too. The website also offers a detailed directory of mental health specialists, so people can easily access them according to their need.

Verywell Mind

This is another great online mental health resource; it offers a great variety of articles, studies, and content that is solely created to bring awareness and educate individuals about mental health.

They have a wellness model that they work towards and it is not just restricted to mental health struggles. Articles are written by various healthcare and mental health professionals to help people cope up with their struggles.

Beyond Blue

This is a platform where you can access all kinds of information on mental health. It also works on bringing awareness on depression, anxiety and suicide prevention.

Their main goal is to prevent mental illness. It also has a wide range of articles for educating people about psychological issues. It is also an online forum for people who are seeking immediate help.

Mental Health Foundation

This forum’s work is mainly focused on maintaining good mental health and preventing severe problems. It offers a range of articles on how to better take care of your mind, how to keep it at ease and make the best of it.

You will be amazed to find out how much is going on in this world that you are not aware in terms of mental health. People are engaging in all sorts of activities in order to fight against mental health issues.


BetterHelp is one website that offers access to professional counselors. It educates you about counseling and its benefits. It also has various articles that inform people about current psychological issues and how one shall go about them.


This is a website that offers help and guidance to individuals regarding mental health concerns. It discusses psychological disorders, psychiatric medicines, and treatment options.

It also offers a few screening tests so people might be a bit more aware before seeking further psychological help. They screen people for depression, anxiety, mania, etc.


This website is educational and it also offers help in different mental health aspects. It has a wide range of articles that inform in detail about psychological issues. They also offer advices to help people out. Many people reach out to this platform to deal with mental issues.

Mental Health Help

Other Websites

There are some more websites that offer great help regarding health in general, but they also do a good job on mental health.


It is an extensive website that offers exhaustive information  on all disorders. It is thoroughly educative and guides you on how to seek further psychological, psychiatric or medical help.


This is a wellness and mental health website. It puts forward various data regarding medical conditions and how you can help yourself and your loved ones.


This website sheds light on all health aspects and how to make yourself healthier and happier. It shows you how to deal with day to day struggles. It has a lot to offer regarding mental health issues as well.

Harvard Health

Who doesn’t know about Harvard? Considering it is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, its website is more than capable of providing you authentic knowledge about all sorts of mental health issues. It publishes researches and studies to bring awareness about various and medical and psychological problems.

Some Helpful Blogs for a Healthy Mind

A few lifestyle blogs/websites are also doing an amazing job in the area of mental health and bringing a lot of awareness regarding various issues and solutions to deal with them.

Well and Good

This is a lifestyle blog that offers a lot of guidance about mental health and awareness about health in general. Various articles are written and updated regularly on this blog.

Blood and Milk

This is a unique blog that mainly focusses on women health overall. Additionally, it has they have great material on mental health. It spreads awareness about female psychological issues, their complexity and ways to overcome them.

Sum Up

Mental health is something that many of us take for granted. It is only when it is too late that we realize that we should have given importance to it. So take assistance from these great sites and stay healthy.

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