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Introducing Boxer Shorts for Men: The Latest Style of Men’s Briefs

The latest kind of shorts and briefs loved by men are boxer shorts. This kind of briefs are highly popular among every age of men for their perfect fitting and comfort they offer. No matter, what prints, designs, colors and size you want to b, the leading boxer brief suppliers update their latest collections every now and then in the online market.

The Latest Stylish Boxer Shorts for Men

Boxer Shorts for Men

Boxer Shorts for Men

For the increasing popularity and high rate of users of these shorts, you may be thinking to know more about them. Well, this post will let you know more about the popular boxer shorts for men.

History of boxer shorts

From the very beginning of their making only, boxer shorts are being used as undergarments. The term was used in 1944 for the first time for all those shorts which are the elasticized shorts. This underwear got this name because it was used by only boxers by the time. The designing of the short was totally based upon the requirement and comfort of boxers. It provided them proper leg movement without creating any hindrance. The boxer shorts being used in the modern time were first designed by Jacob Golomb, founder of Everlast, in 1925. The elasticized shorts were replaced with the belted trunks later and called as boxer trunks.

Designing of boxer shorts

Most of the boxer shorts for men are designed with a fly in front part. Manufacturers try various methods for designing the front part of these briefs in which buttoned style, metal snaps are involved. Most of the boxer briefs don’t require any kind of fastening mechanism for closing the fly because the cut and stitching of the short is enough to overlap it well and cover the front opening. For this kind of designing, the style is called as an open fly style. Another important thing to know about the designing of these sporty shorts is that it is stretchable. General stitching of the pants covers a panel seat with two seams going towards the outer edges.

Advantages of the shorts

There are many good things to know about boxer shorts for which they have gained great popularity among men. Specially, teenagers and youngsters love to switch into this kind of comfortable shorts because they offer far convenient movement in comparison to the traditional tight fitting briefs. Moreover, they are always designed with some kind of comfortable fabric that can absorb moisture. This is why; men love to wear them in their day to day life, especially after a long tiring day they spend in tight fitting trousers and jeans.


One of the recent scientific research states that wearing boxer shorts is better for men rather than normal briefs because traditional tight fitting vests can decrease fertility. The scientific fact behind this statement is that the boxer shorts are designed to be loose and airy for the body that keeps the temperature of testes normal. On the other hand, traditional briefs give rise to the increase in testes’ temperature that causes destruction of sperms. Decrease in sperm count affects fertility.

The modern culture

Earlier, people never took these shorts so seriously and in the way that they will become this much popular in the modern time. Now, boxer shorts for men are counted in the modern culture for the reason they offer seamless options to their users regarding size, pattern, design, colors and fitting. One can not only expect getting the best fitting with these shorts but also prefer using them without any hesitation during the sports events. They are good to offer stress-free movement and convenient use for a longer period. Every leading online men store possesses a wide collection of boxer briefs to offer you at a reasonable price. 🙂

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