Technology and Massage Make Great Bedfellows

It’s no secret that the explosion of the technology sector has led to growth in related industries. After all, Mountain View was just a sleepy California hamlet until tech giants like Google, and many others, put down roots. Almost overnight, real estate values rose and hip little shops popped up like garlic shoots in the nearby town of Gilroy. And we know Seattle would not be the same without Microsoft and its sidepiece Starbucks.

Technology and Massage Make Awesome Bedfellows

Technology and Massage

Technology and Massage

Technology literally put these areas on the map, and on the radar of some of the smartest college graduates on the planet. In fact, it’s because of these companies that we often hear about the brain drain phenomenon that is happening in various parts of the Midwest. People always go where the jobs go.

One industry that saw a significant increase in business and relevancy was the massage sector of the esthetic market. The long hours, tight deadlines, cut-throat competition and pressure to stay relevant can quickly take its toll. That’s why many employees have their masseuse on speed dial. Many professionals are getting into the habit of having a set monthly, and sometimes weekly, massage appointment to relax and relieve stress and tension related to their jobs.

With so many other amenities available like dry cleaning, personal chefs, volleyball courts, etc., it’s no wonder that many tech companies have turned to staffing meditation and relaxation centers onsite. You get to de-stress your employees while keeping them onsite and close to their work.

It’s great that some of the young, hipster environments allow skateboards and bicycles, but if you’re rolling back to that same old pile of Code Red level stress on your desk, you’re desperate for a way to really chill out. And with the use of Groupon Coupons that offer deep discounts on massage services in local stomps like Issaquah, Green Lake and Lynwood no matter who you work for or where you live, you can locate a coupon for discounts on a wide range of therapeutic massages and other services.

A quick check reveals Seattle Massage services at a number of locations, some offering as much as 40% off list prices. And you can save instantly when you apply your Groupon Coupon to take advantage of services administered by trained professionals who also assist you with suggestions on products to purchase. They will educate you on what creams, potions and aroma therapy items to purchase and take home to continue the experience.

Need a great gift idea? One of the most popular is the couples massage package. It can be used for hot stone, trigger point, Swedish, deep tissue, or any style a couple want to use to create a special memory. And a pre-natal massage would make a Mommy Moon gift any expectant couple would love. It’s the gift that keeps on giving long after it has been received.

A Groupon Coupon massage is a great way to incorporate some relief into your stressful work day. And with the money you save, you can invest in a hot new start-up. 🙂

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