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How To Buy The Best Induction Cooktop For Your Kitchen

The technology keeps on evolving, and it keeps on surprising us too. As everything is stepping one step ahead with every new invention, the cooking business is evolving too. From cooking on fire to cooking on the stove and now induction cooktops have made an entry.

Induction Cooktops

As soon as they were introduced in the market, they became insanely popular. These are the solution to so many problems, that they can easily become a major attraction for people in the cooking business.

They tend to speed up the cooking process, they become hot in the matter of few moments. They are safe to use. Plus, they are better to look at and give your kitchen a very modern look.

Now, if you want to buy a cooktop, there are various things that you should keep in mind. Before making an informed decision, remember to check out induction cooktop reviews. Here are some things that will definitely help you in making the right choice.

Types of cooktops

There are basically three types of cook tops, that are:

  1. Slide-in Induction Ranges.
  2. Freestanding Induction Ranges.
  3. Induction Cooktops.

All three are equally good, but every single one of these has their own pros and cons. let’s have a look at them.

1] Slide-in Induction Ranges

These are designed to look like they are part of your kitchen. This is why they are called “slide in”, they slide inside the counter and it does not seem like they are some extra thing that you have places in the kitchen. There are no separate boundaries. The sides aren’t finished, since they aren’t designed to be freestanding.

2] Freestanding Induction Ranges.

They are quite similar to the slide in induction ranges. But the one major difference is that they are designed to stand alone. You can fit them inside your kitchen, where they will give more finished and complete look.

These have separate boundaries and, even if they are not covered by shelfs, they will work fine. These tend to be more cost effective and have many of the same cooktop and oven features.

3] Induction Cooktops

These are a much simpler version of induction cook tops. These are quite similar to the regular cook tops and you can install them directly to the counter.

They are designed to give a more custom look. These cook tops go with every, theme and design. If you have a built-in wall oven, then an induction cooktop is the way to go. The plus point is that they offer all the same features as other induction ranges and cost much less as compared to them.

Stainless Steel vs. Black Stainless Steel

It is not a necessary decision to make, especially not an important one as it has nothing to do with the productivity. But ultimately you have got to make this decision too. The finish of the cooktop also matters a lot.

There are basically two types of stainless steel available, traditional stainless-steel options and Frigidaire’s newest finish – Black Stainless Steel.

These both have the same feature and are equally beautiful, but Black Stainless Steel is comparatively new and modern design, it is admired more by people.

Selecting the cook ware

Perhaps, you already know that induction cooktop requires separate cook ware. Selecting the right cookware is also a tough decision to make.

Make sure that whatever cook ware you are choosing, it is compatible with the induction cooktop. Not every cookware is designed for this purpose, and sometimes if it is not the right choice, the cook top might not work.

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