6 Common Mobile SEO Traps to Avoid

Today, people around the world rely on the Internet to obtain all kinds of information, such as news, research, technology and even marketing. Therefore, for this reason, many people are attracted by this enormous potential to involve people in understanding what their products and services are.

Common Mobile SEO

Just because the search engine can recognize the website, in summary, even though the website was created, it did not provide any relevant content to index the search engine. Many have fallen into this trap, so you should avoid six ordinary mobile SEO traps suggested by Big Vision Marketing.

1] Irrelevant Link

Affiliate links or links are considered an advertising campaign and a confirmation of the site, and links that are not relevant to the content of the site, this form of link will be considered an invalid link. You can choose the sites that try to link to your site, avoid sites for adults and those that have game reasons.

2] Inappropriate Keywords

This is also related to the incorrect choice of keywords or phrases that do not affect the relevant target market, the bad placement of keywords and phrases.

People tend to use simple words in the search, the use of unique or rarely used words will only lead to several areas of research. Instead, try to use simple but popular keywords and phrases. Try to lift your feet in your shoes while you search your way.

3] Flash Content

Bomb your site with a lot of flash content and graphics. Of course, this is a good way to dress up your website, but the fact is that search engines only read text documents, so it can be indexed by the best search engine on the Internet, such as Google and Yahoo, its Site must contain rich content.

That refer to the product you are trying to advertise or sell. It will also require regular visits to look for engine robots.

4] Not Using Your Keywords in URL’s

By including keywords in the URL, you can get additional mileage compared to the competition. Restart many backlinks and unwanted emails. This will slow down the search engine optimization process of your site. Instead, choose real quality feedback that generates traffic and sales.

Too much is not so good, so they say that this commune is real in the use of keywords. The use of keywords means that your site is indexed by spam. Remember the number of keywords used and their location.

5] Unethical SEO Consultants

These people promise amazing results without an adequate backup. They promise you a ranking of the best search engines and, in the end, they will give you poor performance and results.

SEO Consultants

It’s good to be good at working on this problem, but now that search engines are becoming more sophisticated, the basics of search engine optimization have become more technical and advanced, and millions of people around the world are increasing your competition.

It is good to seek professional help and cooperate with your ideas to create a website that is worth reading and indexing by the search engines.

6] Assumes an Immediate Result

Many site owners are losing popularity because they expect excellent results at certain times. Remember that SEO is a continuous process; It takes time to create quality and good links. Be patient and post important information on your website.

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