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5 Creative Ways to Use LED Strip Light

LED strip lights are some of the most versatile lighting options in the market today. They are easy to install, available in a wide range of color temperature, and most come with a dimming switch.

With LED strip lights, you can transform your home into something absolutely extraordinary. If you are looking for inspiration, here are 6 creative ideas for using LED strip lights that will light up your life.

1] Use as Ceiling Lights

Use as Ceiling Lights


Any interior designer worth his salt will tell you that your lighting choice can make a huge difference in how a specific space looks and feels. Installing LED strip lights on ceilings can create the illusion of increased height. You can also use them to highlight specific areas in the room.

Some fantastic ideas for LED strip light installations on your ceiling are the following.

  • Use LED strip lights on rooms with recessed or drop ceilings to produce muted lighting. This kind of ambient and soft light will allow you to showcase the sunken architecture of your ceiling better.
  • Install LED strip lights on rooms with a suspended ceiling to highlight certain aspects of the space. You can also use it to create unique shadows on your walls.
  • For rooms with tray ceilings, you can use LED strip lights to generate a focal point for space. Add some downlight to create the illusion of a bigger space.

2] Highlight Decorative Bookshelves

Highlight Decorative Bookshelves


If you want to make your decorative bookshelves the center of attention in a room, installing colored LED strip lights is a terrific idea. These lights can soften that harsh corners of the shelves and introduce depth to the furniture.

Here are some excellent ideas that you can try out.

  • Attach the LED strip lights to the underside of your shelves. This will highlight the furniture without making it look dated. Stick to warm colored lights since they produce a pleasant glow – perfect if you are going for a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.
  • LED strip lights also work well with open shelves. They accentuate the items that you have placed there and give your books and decorative items a more dramatic look.
  • If you want something truly attention-getting, try to use different colored lights for each shelf. It’s not just an unconventional lighting solution, but it will also help you find certain books better because of the color coding.
  • When you want to add dimension to your books and ornaments, install an LED strip on the front edge of the shelf. This will create more depth and balance for this piece of furniture.
  • For glass or transparent shelves, use a frosted aluminum profile. This will conceal the source of the light.

3] Use for Kitchen Lighting


The kitchen is one of the areas in any home that gets the most traffic. Your kitchen is where you prepare meals, eat, and even socialize with your household members. For this reason, your kitchen should be well-lit. The lighting solution you choose should create a comfortable atmosphere where you can do your work effectively.

Here are some creative LED strip light applications that you can check out to create a functional, but appealing kitchen.

  • Install LED strip lights to the underside of your cabinets. This will give you enough light when you are working on the countertops or your stove. This is also great if you often have dinner in the kitchen and the ceiling lights are too bright and overpowering.
  • You can experiment with kaleidoscopic LED strip lights. Line your kitchen plinths with these color-changing strips and instantly make your kitchen look more modern and stylish.
  • Line your table or island counter with LED strip lights. You can easily cut off any excess lights so that the strip will fit the space perfectly. Furthermore, because LED lights do not produce any heat, they won’t heat up the surface.

4] Illuminate Staircases

LED strip lights can be used to ensure that you or your family members never have to trip in the dark again. Illuminate your staircases with LED strip lights for added security or to lead your guests to the right places in your home.

Below are some unexpected ideas to try out:

  • Use a colorful LED strip to direct your guests’ attention to your impeccable staircase. It offers an irresistible aesthetic that will surely be the talk of the town when you have people over.
  • LED lights coupled with a proximity sensor are energy-efficient. They also make your staircase visible for people who will use it in the middle of the night. They never have to wander around with an illuminated staircase that leads them right to where they need to be.

5] Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Outdoor Lighting Solutions


Your lawn often serves as an extended living space, especially when you like to go outdoors to relax and enjoy nature. Installing quality LED strip lights helps create a distinct and remarkable experience every time you go out at night.

Outdoor LED strip lights also serve as an additional security feature because thieves and potential criminals tend to stay from well-lit homes. Try installing LED strip lights at the following outdoor locations.

  • Your pool – Night swimming is always best when you don’t have to worry about accidentally drowning. With LED strip lights, you can easily determine if you are in a deep part of the pool. You can also alert other people to your location in the water.
  • Your deck – Decks that are lined with LED strip lights offer you a great way to enjoy evenings after work. Relax with a bottle of beer and enjoy the night sky with your family members. The LED strip lights can help you create a warm environment that is conducive for relaxation.


The ideas above are just some of the many ways you can use LED strip lights for a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing home. Use one of these options to amaze your guests and household members. LED strips lights are incredibly versatile accessories that will give life to your entire home!

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