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How Blogging Can Improve Your Resume

It is not a secret that job search might be a difficult and time-consuming process. Job hunters resort to various strategies, but only few people consider blogging as a tool to boost career. Blogging is an interactive form of publishing content on the Internet and for many it became a full time job. Well, others often worry that there are too many risks associated with devoting time and energy to content publishing. Moreover, there is an opinion that blogging may put you behind other candidates on the job market.

Best Ways to Blogging Can Improve Your Resume



Actually, blogging can enhance a chance of success more than diminish it, even if a blog owner has taken certain period of time off from a “real job” in order to develop a popular website. Blogging is not an interval in a resume, this is an opportunity to demonstrate the skills and an effective tool to promote the positive professional image, see for yourself!

1. It helps develop a portfolio and your online presence.

The best way to persuade prospective employers that you can do is not telling, but showing. Keeping your own blog is a way to present the variety of skills you have practiced or skill developing. It is an acknowledgement, which can follow up resume and cover letters, because it demonstrates a timeline of progress, a taste of the job hunter’s personality, and much more.

Many employers draw attention to online presence and, as a rule turn to the most popular source for recruiters – LinkedIn. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can write about your blogging there and ask people to endorse your skills. Check LinkedIn profile writing from, if certain questions and issues arose.

2. Blogging helps demonstrate a self-starter attitude.

Almost all bloggers experience those frustrating moments, when they do not know what to do to improve the performance of blogs. Indeed, taking ownership of your website is challenging and exhausting practice, as it demands you to learn new things and be in progress constantly.

This special attitude, required to run the blog, will definitely impress any HR manager. Even if you can’t boast of experience, which aligns perfectly with the requirements of a certain vacancy, you still can demonstrate a dedication and ability to acquire new skills and try novelties.

3. This is an opportunity to network and establish yourself in a dream industry.



Usually people decide to blog about things they are passionate about, even if it does not square with the formal work experience or education. Networking is one of the benefits of blogging, as it provides means for networking, meeting with fellow bloggers, so blogging is a chance to meet people (and potential employers) who have the same interests.

4. Blogging helps master a great variety of skills.

Having your own blog means mastering and completing tasks, which accompany content publication. You perform the duties of the editor, writer, web designer, SEO specialist, SMM manager, and more. Hirers love candidates with resumes, which demonstrate experience, considerable amount of skills and ability to learn.

5. Blogging means writing.

A lot of writing. No prize for guessing, writing is a perfect skill that can benefit nearly every single career. Almost all bloggers write, and write, and write on a regular basis (except video bloggers, of course). Even if creating content is not your strong point, blogging will help make things better and that will be compensated, as the skill of text writing can open doors for the blogger.

Creating and developing your own website is an exhausting, but still exciting experience that brings rewards. It gives a chance to see new places, meet great people and learn a lot of things. Your own blog can fill so-called “career gap” with things, which can match many office jobs. 🙂

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