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“Grool” Meaning: What Is “Grool?” (With Great and Cool Examples)

If you’re a netizen living in today’s world, you must be familiar with internet slang. Not only do people use slang offline but they even use harsh words that have a bad meaning online. While some use it to describe a person, there are some other words that are used to describe objects. One such word is Grool.

Grool – Definitions & Meanings

What Does GROOL Mean

Did you ever come across this word on the internet? If no, you’re in for some interesting examples of how the word is used and what its meaning is. Keep reading to know more.

What’s the significance of Grool?

Grool is the blend of “Great” and “Cool”. This word is usually used positively in sentences to describe an object or even a person.

Origin of the word ‘Grool’

Grool saw utilization during the 2000s because of the movie ‘Mean Girls’ where a person unintentionally says “grool” and clarifies they were saying ‘great’ at the beginning however incidentally said ‘cool’ instead of ‘great’, in this way making the blend coincidentally.

Since the release of the movie, grool turned into a well-known word in text and messages between teens or youngsters, however has since become undesirable and is infrequently utilized.

“Grool” can likewise be used as slang for the “girl drool”, the lubricating fluid that is released by a lady during sexual stimulation.

Example sentence: Some young ladies have clear grool and a few young ladies have velvety grool.

(Which means a few young ladies’ vaginal liquid has color and some don’t).

“Grool” may likewise be utilized to allude to any piece of meat or chicken that is disposed of or thought about bothersome. These incorporate ligaments, tendons, fat, and here and there veins.

Example sentence: How would I be able to eat such a steak? It’s more grool than genuine meat! (implies the steak is too raw to even consider being eaten)

Examples of the word ‘grool’ in conversations

Text Between Friends

  • Friend 1: So I was conversing with this fellow and he said he would teach me and I said ‘grool’.
  • Friend 2: Grool?
  • Friend 1: I was saying extraordinary yet accidentally said ‘cool’ all things considered and it came out as grool.
  • Friend 2: Sounds like gruel.
  • Friend 1: I know! It’s so humiliating!
  • Friend 2: Did the person laugh? I’m certain it’s fine.

Usage of the word ‘Grool’ in Online Discussion

  • User 1: So definitely, I was chipping away at my paper and my PC chose to simply crash. On my telephone currently, hanging tight for it to restart.
  • User 2: Grool.
  • User 3: Grool?
  • User 1: Yeah, I don’t have the foggiest idea what that implies.
  • User 2: Grool. It’s a blend of great and cool. It was from Mean Girls.
  • User 3: That film from 2004? Haha. That is a nostalgic trip.
  • User 1: Yeah, as far as I remember, I didn’t care for it.
  • User 2: I and my pals would consistently say it after that film came out. We were idiotic at that point, LOL.

More praiseworthy sentences

“This party is grool!”

“You look grool!”

“That vehicle is so grool!”

Few other Related Internet Slangs

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