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Engagement Party Planning Tips And Etiquette

You accepted the proposal, congratulations! Now it’s time to share the good news with your loved ones. There’s so much to do, and perhaps, this is your first engagement ever! There are many questions you want to ask, we can imagine. But don’t fret, we’re here for you.

Engagement Party 101: The Ultimate Guide

Engagement Party Planning Tips

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Engagement Party Etiquette to guide you. From the host to guests, and the details in-between, you’re covered. So follow through with this post, and host your pre-wedding party to perfection.

Who hosts the engagement party?

The standard etiquette for an engagement party from time awards hosting rights to the bride’s parents. However, engagement parties can be hosted by anyone these days. Best friends, maid of honor, family, and even the couple can choose to host. It all depends on who’s paying the bills and what the couple has in mind.

Should the registry be added to invites?

As much as bringing a gift is an engagement party etiquette for guests, don’t be so obvious about it. Avoid putting your registry on the invite. Rather, discrete word of mouth from your close ones can do the job.

Another trick is to create a wedding website already and include the URL on your invite. Guests will want to stay updated from the engagement until the wedding, and they can also see your registry.

When to have an engagement party?

The proper time to have an engagement party is as early as possible, especially if it’s a short engagement. Do it when the excitement is still fresh.

There are other pre-wedding festivities lined up, so you’d want to get this celebration out of the way. However, if you’ll have a long engagement, then there’s no rush. Three months post engagement is okay.

Who to invite?

One important task that must make the engagement party checklist is who to invite. This is often an issue between couples and parents. However, simplify matters by making your guest list intimate.

Invite only those who will get an invite to the wedding. This way, creating your wedding guest list will be much easier.

Are invitations necessary?

This depends on the kind of engagement party you have in mind. If you’re hosting a formal affair, it will be nice to make invites with RSVP. If you’re going casual or a laid-back event, send e-vites.

You can also create a social media group for your guest and send a broadcast message. It’s best to notify your guests of the event at least a month before the party. This will help them plan better.

Is it right to create a registry?

Oh yes, it is okay! Guests will want to buy you gifts and they have no idea of what you’d like. Give them a nudge by creating a registry before you send out invitations.

Keep your registry within different price ranges so that there’ll be something for everyone. Also, some guests may still get you a wedding gift, so help make their expenses easier. You can update the registry for your wedding.

The best venues for a party?

The ambiance you want to say will determine your venue. An intimate dinner will work best at the couple’s favorite restaurant. If you’re looking at a home-based outdoor affair, the backyard of a couple or parents is perfect.

You can also set a grand dining room for an elegant formal affair. Creativity is endless because engagement parties don’t have rigid settings.

What about menus?

Booze, cocktails, finger foods, and snack treats are great for casual or picnic-style parties. If it’s a formal event, buffet or sit-down plated meals will do just fine.

Is a theme necessary?

An engagement party is the first of pre-wedding festivities. So yes, a theme is necessary if you’ve chosen to go all out. Your engagement party theme will be the springboard palette for your wedding proper.

It gets easier to incorporate colors and ideas while visualizing the full picture. Choosing a theme for engagement puts you a step ahead in wedding planning.

What to wear?

It’s all about your style and what you’re most comfortable in. A long dinner gown, short cocktail dress, or chic jumpsuit? It’s your call.

However, keep it elegant and simple because you’re the center of attention. Let your ring shine through and make sure to complement your beau’s attire.

Above are 10 important engagement party etiquette suitable for all themes and styles. Get inspired by these tips and host the best party of all time.

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