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Erin Bradshaw (born in 1989) is an American person broadly alluded to as the daughter of previous American football quarterback who performed expertly in the National Football League, Terry Bradshaw, and his ex Charlotte Hopkins.

She is an equestrian who appreciates horse riding back at their farm in Texas. Erin Bradshaw is hitched to Scott Weiss, who’s a pony teacher. They were given hitched in May 2017.

Erin Bradshaw Biography, Wiki, Net Worth & More

Erin Bradshaw - Terry Bradshaw's daughter

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Erin Bradshaw is one of the real daughters of Terry Bradshaw. In particular, people watching the E! Channel know about this call from the moving reality show ‘The Bradshaw Bunch’ which is all roughly the ways of life of the previous National Football League Champion.

She is a staggering blonde like her sister Rachel Bradshaw who is nevertheless another enchanting man or woman of the display.

Brought up in Texas, Erin Bradshaw is an Equestrian via the profession. She is wonderfully perceived to the field as one of the two girls of the amazing NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw and his ex Charlotte Hopkins. As indicated by her Insta bio, she is a titleholder Equestrian and a pony breeder.

She is moreover a television individual quality recognized for her appearance in her own family’s fact TV show, The Bradshaw Bunch, on E! She is hitched to Scott Weiss, and that they have youngsters all things considered. Here is the entire part you need to perceive around Terry’s more youthful little girl.

Who are Erin Bradshaw Mom and Dad?

Erin Bradshaw is the daughter of Terry Bradshaw and Charlotte Hopkins. Her dad is a previous NFL prepared who had acquired four Super Bowl titles all through the duration(1974, 1975, 1978, and 1979) for Pittsburgh Steelers.

Also, at present functioning as a TV sports examiner and co-host of Fox NFL Sunday on the grounds that 1994. Charla Hopkins is additionally a previous rendition and top of the line recognized for her altruistic work. Also, Tammy is working as a legal advisor and investor for the regulation office, KoonsFuller, PC.

Erin Bradshaw Age

Erin Bradshaw is 27 years of age and she was born in 1992, and she is additionally the most youthful girl of Terry Bradshaw inside the Bradshaw Bunch, after Racheal(33) and Lacey Hester Luttrull(31).

Starting at 2020, she is 27 years of age yet has now not shared her exact age and birthday data. Being born inside the United States, she has a place of white descent.

Is Erin Bradshaw hitched?

Indeed, Erin Bradshaw has hitched. Her better half’s name is Scott Weiss who is from Johnston, Iowa. The couple commended their wedding service on May 6, 2017. The pair hasn’t invited any kids yet and is presumably intending to broaden their own family ways of life soon. Erin Bradshaw is hitched to Scott Weiss, the couple got hitched in 2017.

On May 6, 2016, on the Milestone Barn, Aubrey, Texas at an individual ceremony. Weiss imparts the warmth of ponies to Erin Bradshaw and is the proprietor of Scott Weiss Show Horses, a venture that produces 10 to 15 foals every yr, held onto and prepared into worldwide radiance ponies.

Erin Bradshaw Height

Erin Bradshaw remains at a pinnacle of five ft 6 inches (1.64 meters). She is by all accounts pretty tall in her pictures, compared with her current circumstance. Notwithstanding, data in regards to her genuine weight and other casing estimations are right now not openly accessible. We are protecting tabs and will supplant these records once it’s miles out.

Family Details

Erin Bradshaw is one of all youths of Terry Bradshaw and his ex Charlotte Hopkins. Her dad is probably the best quarterback ever and the main celebrity inside the NFL.

His heritage in football is a helpful thing for future years. He has a noteworthy vocation record and has gone through 14 seasons with Pittsburgh Steelers sooner than he turned games exercises examiner for Fox NFL Sunday.

She’s the most youthful little child born to attorney Charlotte Hopkins from her union with Terry. Her mom and father lived respectively for extra than 13 years before they separated in 1999. She has a more seasoned sister, Rachael Bradshaw, who is an energetic artist and lyricist.

Erin Bradshaw’s Early Life and Education

Erin Bradshaw was born in Westlake, Texas, inside the United States of America. Discussing her family ancestry, she was born to a father and mother named Charla Hopkins (mother) and Terry Bradshaw (father).

Her mom is a family legal counselor who looks principally after common cases like separation, asset preparation, and so on. Additionally, her dad Terry is a well-reputed sports character who is a previous NFL player. She spent the vast majority of her early stages in her place of beginning.

Erin Bradshaw’s father and mother separated in 1999 completing their 16 years of intimate presence. After the separation, her dad wedded Tammy Alice in 2014 subsequent to seeking her for a very long time.

Prior to her mom, her dad was hitched to Melissa Babish from 1972–73 and JoJo Starbuck from 1976–83. Similarly, her mother later wedded Rick Hagen in 2012.

Erin Bradshaw has a sister named Rachel Bradshaw (born on May thirteen, 1987) who turned out to be some time ago wedded to previous Tennessee Titans kicker Rob Bironas. Concerning tutoring and educational accomplishments, she went to the University of North Texas.

Career and Professional Life of Erin Bradshaw

Erin Bradshaw is a World Champion Equestrian and demonstrates champion. Since early on, she progressed interest in horse utilizing, her diversion later turned into her calling.

She portrays herself as a mother to John Simon, a pony with more than one APHA/NSBA World and Reserve World Champion. What’s more, she is in like manner referred to for her appearance in The Erin Bradshaw Bunch on E. In any case, a limit of individuals perceives Erin as being the little girl of Terry Bradshaw.

Erin Bradshaw Family

Erin is the little daughter of Terry Bradshaw and Charla Hopkins Bradshaw. Her dad Terry is a previous NFL quarterback who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football League (NFL).

He played for 14 seasons and won four Super Bowl titles in a six-year time frame (1974, 1975, 1978, and 1979), turning into the main quarterback to win three and four Super Bowls, and drove the Steelers to eight AFC Central titles.

In 1989 he was accepted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He has been a TV sports expert and co-host of Fox NFL Sunday since 1994.

Erin Bradshaw Sister

She is the younger sister of Racheal Bradshaw and a stage sister to Lacey Hester-Luttrull.

Erin Bradshaw Husband – Who is Erin Bradshaw Married To?

Erin is hitched to Scott Weiss, the couple got hitched in 2017. On May 6, 2016, at the Milestone Barn, Aubrey, Texas at a private ceremony. Weiss imparts the adoration for ponies to Erin and is the proprietor of Scott Weiss Show Horses, an organization that produces 10 to 15 foals every year, held onto and prepared into top-notch ponies.

Erin Bradshaw Children

Starting in 2020 Erin has no kids except for she has a pony named John Simon which is to her as her child.

Erin Bradshaw Horses

Erin has a pony named John Simon, she even presented with her pony at her wedding.

In 2019 Erin and John won Amateur Senior Western Pleasure at PHA World Champions for the 6th time in succession.

Erin Bradshaw The Bradshaw Bunch

Erin is a cast individual from E’s! unscripted TV drama, The Bradshaw Bunch which appeared in September. The show gives a private gander at Terry Bradshaw, through his life at home in Texas with his better half, Tammy Bradshaw, and their family.

Do Erin and Scott have children?

No! Till now the couple has no kids. Be that as it may, Erin Bradshaw loves a pony named John Simon and treats him as her child. Likewise, her better half additionally shares an extraordinary bond with Simon.

She is exceptionally dynamic on her Instagram for a long while presently. In this way, you will discover her photographs on Instagram where she is imparting the pics of her to the delightful earthy colored John in a wedding dress.

Additionally, John(the pony) and Erin are winning Amateur Senior Western Pleasure at PHA World Champions for the 6th time in succession in the year 2019. Erin additionally makes reference to in her Bio as the mother of John Simon.

Erin Bradshaw Horses

She has a pony named John Simon, she even presented with her pony at her wedding.

In 2019 Erin and John won Amateur Senior Western Pleasure at PHA World Champions for the 6th time in succession.

What is the net worth of Erin Bradshaw?

Title holder Equestrian Erin Bradshaw has an expected net truly worth of 900,000 USD. She is having an effective calling and has perceived herself as the best on the planet. She is assisting her with husbanding in his organization named Scott Weiss Show Horses.

The history of Erin Bradshaw Weiss is ready by utilizing different wiki sites like IMDB yet is as yet missing from Wikipedia.


Erin Bradshaw Weiss is a worldwide hero and the individual has an immense fan following who’s keen on horse utilizing. She has additionally been at the center of attention for her own way of life and is identified with the circle of family members from a sports activity verifiable past.

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