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Top 10 Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd [Karela]

Bitter Gourd is a plant which has the natural plant compounds. Other names of this vegetable plant are Karela, Balsam Apple, African cucumber and much more. Some people consider it as a vegetable, but in actual, it is a fruit plant. It is also known as a tropical fruit in some parts of the world, and we can use its seeds as medicine. Because of an unpleasant taste and extreme bitterness, Bitter Gourd (Karela) has gained a negative reputation among people.

Bitter Gourd (Karela) Health Benefits

Bitter gourd benefits

But do you know that Bitter Gourd is being used in the folk medicines since a long period because of its therapeutic benefits? YES! Bitter Gourd is one of the most valuable vegetables which contain good components and vital nutrients. It is a plant which adds a healthy nutrition to your diet.

So, if you hate eating Bitter Gourd (Karela), then these health benefits will surely make you fall in love with it.

Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

Maintains Digestion

Bitter Gourd helps in keeping our digestive healthy. It is a rich source of cellulose which makes it one of the key components of your diet with its dietary fiber. It helps in preventing problems including constipation and dyspepsia. Bitter gourd even helps in killing the infectious worms in the stomach because it contains antihelminthic compounds.

Improves Immunity

Bitter Gourd is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C which helps in boosting immunity. It also stimulates the immune system by exhibiting its potent antiviral properties. Also, Bitter Gourd activates the natural killer cells in our body which help in fighting against the diseases. Apart from this, Bitter Gourd is capable of stimulating the anti-inflammatory responses of the systemic and intestinal environment. It even helps in preventing yeast infections, common cold, and food allergies.

Good for Diabetes

Bitter Gourd contains insulin-like protein (polypeptide P) and certain other phytonutrients which help in lowering down the blood sugar level of a diabetic person. It even helps in improving the glucose tolerance in our body. It also contains vicine which is a compound, a glycol alkaloid which has hypoglycemic effects. Bitter Gourd is responsible for its potent anti-diabetic activity.

Weight Loss

If you are looking for ways to lose your weight, then one of the best things to do is to add a 100g serving of Bitter Gourd to your daily diet. It helps the liver to stimulate to secrete the bile acids. Though no evidences are showing that Bitter Gourd helps in weight loss, yet personally, I have tried having its 100g serving every day. I still do hate its taste, but it helps in restricting the body fat accumulation as well as weight gain.

Prevents Vision Disorders

With age, many people are affected by some vision disorders including age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. But if you want your vision to be clear and doesn’t want it to be affected due to aging, then you must add Bitter Gourd to your diet. It is a vegetable which is rich in Vitamin A, beta-carotene, Vitamin C and certain antioxidants. It helps in reducing the damage to the eyes which is caused by the oxidative stress.

Benefits of bitter gourd juice

Improves Skin Texture

Bitter Gourd contains the blood purifying properties which help in improving the skin texture. It even helps in treating certain skin diseases including skin rash or eczema. The bitter gourd juice works as a blood purifying agent and helps in curing the skin diseases fast. It also helps in making the skin soft, removes wrinkles and prevents aging as it has got an excellent chemical.

Prevents Cancer

Bitter Gourd juice helps in reducing the risk of cancer. It helps in killing and decreasing the leukemic cancer cells. Bitter Gourd helps in controlling the spread of cancer cells in a body. It even helps in increasing the chances of full recovery from cancer. But if you need to treat the disease effectively, then the diet must be taken on a consistent basis. The antioxidants which are present in the Bitter Gourd helps in curing cancer at early stage.

Reduces risk of AIDS/HIV

The AIDS/HIV disease is a widespread issue. Bitter Gourd contains glycoprotein beta-momorcharin which helps in inhibiting the macromolecules synthesis in tumor cells, splenocytes, and embryos. It is a protein which helps in retarding the HIV effects by deactivating the function of ribosomes in the HIV-infected cells.

Respiratory Disorders

The bitter gourd juice helps in curing the respiratory diseases. It is the best remedy for a curing cough, cold, and asthma. You can take its juice early morning with honey and tulsi leaves. It helps in releasing the sputum which accumulates in the lungs and respiratory tract.

Liver Disorder

Bitter Gourd contains a unique enzyme which helps in stimulating the liver disorder. All kinds of liver problems can be cured by the extract of bitter gourd. It even helps in treating kidney stones. So, if you want your body to be healthy, then add bitter melon juice to your diet every day.

These are the best health benefits of Bitter Gourd. They are the excellent source of nutrients including beta-carotene of broccoli, calcium of spinach and potassium of a banana. Consuming bitter gourd juice every day helps in improving your nutrition. And even it helps in decreasing the risk of diabetes.

Apart from these health benefits, there are certain potential side effects of bitter gourd as well. Bitter Gourd can cause unwanted abortion. Avoid consuming bitter gourd if you are hypoglycemic. If you consume too much of bitter melon, then it can cause diarrhea and stomach pain.

Bitter gourds don’t carry much risk, yet it is vital to know the side effects of every part of the diet.

If you are aware of other health benefits of bitter gourd, then you can share in the comments section below. 🙂

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