WDYM Meaning: What Does WDYM Mean and Stand for?

What’s the significance here? What does this web slang term represent? Get familiar with the importance and how to utilize this text abbreviation with helpful discussion models.

WDYM Means What Do You Mean?

What Does WDYM Mean?

What’s the significance here?

A most loved diversion for some internet clients is to peruse others’ silly discussions. There’s regularly a grammatical error that makes it interesting. In any case, on different occasions, you will entertain yourself with a discussion where one individual can’t get what the other one is saying, like when asking what an abbreviation implies.

A typical model is “idk”, which means “I don’t know.” But on the off chance that you ask somebody what does “IDK” represents, you could wind up rambling nonsensically for a considerable amount in the event that they basically respond with “I don’t know”.

Since then, at that point, you’ll accept that they’re saying they don’t have a clue what word implies, rather than addressing your inquiry. “WDYM” is another funny model.

“WDYM” Main Meaning

The “WDYM” means “What do you mean“.

So, think over everything. Imagine you’re messaging somebody and inquire “what’s the significance here?” “They’ll likely react with “what do you mean?” In which case, you’ll need to disclose that you need to know what the letters “WDYM” represent?

On the off chance that the responder would anything say anything resembles individuals I converse with, they’ll return with something like, “your meaning could be a little clearer” rather than working out that “WDYM” signifies “Your meaning could be a little more obvious.”

  • “WDYM” = “W” (What) + “D” (Do) + “Y” (You) + “M” (Mean)

“WDYM” has not very many different implications. In the event that somebody texts you “wdym”, it implies they are uncertain what you’re discussing. Or on the other hand, it very well may be their method of asking what’s happening in case you’re managing a circumstance and you simply say something like “fml”.

What’s the significance here?

WDYM signifies “What do you mean”.

The shortening WDYM is utilized on chat communities and in texts with the signifying “What Do You Mean?” as a clear inquiry, looking for an explanation. It is likewise ordinarily utilized by devotees of British rap music looking for the verses of two rap “groups,” both of whom composed melodies called WDYM.

In mid-2018, the rap craftsman Oboy (KuKu) went into a “dissing” match with individuals from the rap bunch 410. The two gatherings delivered melodies called WDYM, that explicitly dissed individuals from the other gathering. The overall reason for the contentions was that the other gathering didn’t satisfy the BADMAN (hoodlum) persona that they rap about.

Different Meanings

Other “WDYM” implications:

  • Whatever do you mean?
  • Why would you care?

Instances of WDYM in Sentences.

Here are instances of WDYM being utilized in discussions:

Jack: That’s really astonishing!

Tony: WDYM?

Jack: My screensaver!

Tony: Ah, apologies. I wasn’t looking or tuning in. Disgrace I missed it.

Ali: Well, that is the conclusion of a significant time period.

Claire: WDYM?

Ali: I’ve taken out my eyebrow bar and taken out my nose ring.

Claire: Welcome to development.

An Academic Look at WDYM

WDYM is an initialism abbreviation. In fact, this implies it is articulated utilizing its singular letters (i.e., Dublyoo Dee Why Emm), yet as this is harder to say than “What Do You Mean,” it’s rare said utilizing its letters. The contraction WDYM is utilized for productivity recorded as a hard copy and not proficiency in discourse.

WDYM assumes the part of an inquisitive sentence (i.e., an inquiry), yet it is generally seen without a question mark. It tends to be stated “WDYM?” or “WDYM”. (Unexpectedly, simply composing a question mark all alone (“?”) would have a similar impact as composing WYDM, with or without the question mark.)

What Did We Say prior to Texting and Social Media?

Prior to the computerized time, we may have quite recently said “What Do You Mean?” rather than utilizing the abbreviation WDYM.

Comparable Slang Words

  • “WDYMB” = “What do you mean babe?” or “What do you mean bitch?”
  • “WDUM” = “What do U Mean.”
  • “WDYMBT” = “What do you mean by that?”
  • “WDYMG” = “What do you mean guy?”
  • “LOL” = “Laugh Out Loud”.
  • “ROFL” = “Rolling on floor laughing”.
  • “LMAO” = “Laughing My Ass Off”.
  • “LMFAO” = “Laughing my fucking ass off”.
  • “WTF” = “What the fu**”.
  • “WTH” = “What the heck”.
  • “IDK” = “I don’t know”.
  • “Huh?”
  • “I don’t get it”.

Discussion Examples Using “WDYM”

To make it simpler for you to comprehend, permit us to give you some examples.

Model 1 utilizing “WDYM” as “What Do you Mean”.

  • Libby: Screw this. I’m finished. SMDH
  • Polly: LMAO WDYM this time?
  • Libby: 2 days. These animals have just been home two days and they previously obliterated the house.
  • Polly: wtf. Make them stay outside the entire day.
  • Libby: can’t. Been raining. Idk how I’ll make it until Monday. Dumb schools and their inept occasions.
  • Polly: do like me. Hide away.
  • Libby: ikr!

In this example above, Libby is plainly vexed with regard to something. Libby understands that it’s most probable a fabrication so she giggles however she additionally inquires “WDYM” and incorporates this time, showing that it’s a daily practice or generally expected thing. All guardians have experience being bothered when their children are out of school. Including poor stressed Libby.

What Does WDYM Mean, When Is It Appropriate

WDYM and WYM are basically something similar since they hold a similar significance, so utilizing either is just a question of individual inclinations.

When to Use WDYM or WYM?

Both WDYM and WYM are normally utilized during speedy discussions, and since they don’t contain any profane words, they can be utilized at a lot more extensive scale than different contractions like CTFU.

In any case, this doesn’t imply that you can utilize it anyplace since workplaces or individuals with whom an expert relationship is normal are one of a handful of exemptions where WDYM and WYM are not suggested.

When NOT to Use WDYM or WYM?

Shortened forms are normally disliked in workplaces, just as certain groups of friends, particularly where there is a high possibility that individuals may not know what WDYM stands for.

That being the situation, it is suggested that What do you mean? ought to be utilized all things being equal.

Examples (NOT to utilize WDYM).

Business: I believe you’re adequately capable to get extra assignments.

Worker: WDYM?


To cut it short, WDYM is essential for the enormous informal dictionary that is the Internet and, for social reasons, ought to be kept there.

It’s an articulation that main effectively saves a couple of moments for the individual utilizing it, and ought to in this way not be utilized except if vital.

Do you currently have a superior comprehension of how to utilize WDYM appropriately? If yes, you may share with us.

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