LTR Meaning: What Does LTR Mean and Stand for?

What’s the significance here? Get familiar with the definition, how and when to utilize this web slang word with ESL pictures and intriguing messaging discussions in English.

What Does LTR Mean and Stand for

What Does LTR Mean and Stand for

LTR Meaning

What’s the significance here?

There are a few implications for this slang term ‘ltr’. The first is ‘Long term Relationship’ and is utilized in the reference of a heartfelt couple. This portrays the situation with their relationship and is regularly seen on Craigslist classifieds for individuals searching for an ‘ltr’ (Long Term Relationship).

A second significance for the term is something else altogether known as ‘Live To Rage’ ordinarily implies the individual isn’t searching for that long-term commitment. This signifying ‘Live To Rage’ is an ideal definition for the hard-celebrating set of people.

What does the abbreviation LTR mean?

As per Urban Dictionary, Dictionary, and Cyber Definitions, the term LTR is a web slang that represents long-term relationships. This abbreviation is regularly utilized on web dating sites and dating applications like Tinder and Hinge to imply different singles that an individual is searching for a long term relationship.

An individual who is looking for an LTR isn’t keen on relaxed hookups, flings, or other transient responsibilities. An individual may likewise utilize this in personal commercials on destinations like Craigslist, however, in present day times with the approach of moving dating applications, utilizing it there is considerably more typical.

You may likewise see this term utilized in SMS text informing just as via online media. Learn new universes and stay connected with the terms of our times!

According to The Free Dictionary, the condensing LTR additionally has plenty of other possible definitions. While these are as yet legitimate, they are undeniably more uncommon than utilizing LTR to represent long-haul connections and ought to in this way be utilized sparingly.

In the event that you do choose to utilize one of these substitute definitions, guarantee that you give the peruser an appropriate setting so they can deduce the implying that you mean. This will assist with keeping away from disarray and ought to be standard practice at whatever point utilizing an abbreviation that has more than one expected significance.

  • Licensing Topical Report
  • Learn To Return
  • Loving Tender Relationship
  • Light Tactical Raft
  • Local Travel Report (AMSEC)
  • Learn to Row (paddling guidance)
  • Laser Target Rangefinder
  • Long-Term Recall (neuropsychology)
  • Lepidoptera of Turkey (Center for Entomological Studies Ankara project)
  • Lower Troposphere Radar
  • Logic Trunked Radio (trunked two-way radio)
  • Letter Size (US Postal Service)
  • Loss of Therapeutic Response (drug adequacy)
  • Long-Term Return Rate (TL 9000)
  • Lower Trunk Rotation (non-intrusive treatment)
  • Land Tenure Regularization
  • Light Tactical Rifle (weapon)
  • Loop Transfer Recovery
  • Leisure Tyme Rentals, Inc. (Albemarle, NC)
  • Lady To Ride
  • Library Technology Reports (American Library Association distribution)
  • Lossless Trace Reduction
  • Long Term Research
  • Lifetime Risk
  • Left to Right
  • Local Twitch Response (skeletal muscle strands)
  • Load Task Register
  • Learn to Ride (snowboarding)
  • Lead Technical Representative
  • Long Term Requirement
  • Little Theater of the Rockies
  • Logistics Training Review
  • Language Temps Reel
  • Long Terminal Repeat
  • Loan against Trust Receipts
  • Local Transaction Request (PC handling)
  • Laser Tracker Receiver (Apache assault helicopter)
  • Licensing Topical Reports
  • Level Term Rider (disaster protection)
  • Learn to Read (training)
  • Letter
  • Littlerock (Amtrak station code; Littlerock, CA)
  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • Likelihood to Recommend (statistical surveying reviews)
  • Long Term Romance
  • Love Trust Respect
  • Light Transmission Ratio
  • Laser Transmitter Receiver (LANTIRN)

Origin of this acronym LTR

Similarly as with most other slang terms, this became well known with the introduction of social media. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are on the whole occurrences of individuals utilizing a shortened method of representing the ‘ltr’ (Live To Rage), and ‘Long Term Relationship’ is all the more generally found on locales like Craigslist and Tender.

What are synonyms for the shortened form LTR?

There is a wide range of words that have identical importance to the term LTR. These are called synonyms. Now and again, it probably won’t be proper to utilize an abbreviation like LTR, for example, in a conventional letter or business email.

For this situation, you ought to select to utilize a synonym, which is a word or expression that has similar importance as another word or expression. It is likewise valuable to realize equivalent words to try not to rehash the same thing just as to develop your base vocabulary of the English language. This rundown of equivalent words for the term LTR is given by Thesaurus.

  • kinship
  • parallel
  • liaison
  • bond
  • affiliation
  • marriage
  • nearness
  • relation
  • proportion
  • homogeneity
  • dependence
  • communication
  • exchange
  • association
  • analogy
  • link
  • pertinency
  • relativity
  • ratio
  • rapport
  • dependency
  • relevance
  • hookup
  • tie-up
  • appositeness
  • contingency
  • network
  • pertinence
  • correlation
  • friendship
  • conjunction
  • contact
  • connection
  • affair
  • accord
  • interconnection
  • likeness
  • consanguinity
  • consociation
  • interrelationship
  • tie-in
  • alliance
  • similarity
  • affinity
  • tie
  • interrelation

How could the acronym LTR be utilized in a sentence?

The abbreviation LTR can be utilized in a wide range of situations to allude to a drawn-out relationship. This can either be utilized on dating sites and applications to signal toward others that an individual is searching for a long-term commitment or it can essentially be utilized as a shorthand to allude to a drawn-out relationship. In this model, Dani is messaging her new companion Kyle from school.

Kyle: Hey Dani! Did you end up recording the schoolwork for calc class? I am completely divided.

Dani: Yeah, sure! We need to do the odd-numbered issues from area two of the coursebook.

Kyle: Thanks to such an extent! Have great time plans for the end of the week?

Dani: Probably suffocating in schoolwork, LOL. HBU?

Kyle: Yeah, same. On the off chance that you at any point need to do a review date… or a normal date, let me know.

Dani: Oh, I’m really in an LTR. Sorry in case that wasn’t clear!

Kyle: No concerns! I shouldn’t have expected. Still down to examine, no surprises on the off chance that you at any point need to!

Here, Dani utilizes the term LTR to represent long haul relationship. She needs to reveal to Kyle that she is presently associated with somebody so he doesn’t accept any future review meetings are indeed dates.

Since they are nonchalantly messaging, it’s entirely suitable for Dani to utilize a text slag shortened form like LTR to allude to her drawn-out relationship. She needs to try not to lead Kyle on in case he is just inspired by her sincerely.

Generally speaking, the contraction LTR frequently represents long-term relationship. This web slang term is regularly utilized on internet dating destinations to motion toward others that an individual isn’t searching for a relaxed hook up or momentary responsibility, however, that they are searching for an extended relationship. This term is frequently seen on social media platforms and is additionally utilized via online media and in SMS text informing.

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