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Why It Is Time to Move from Shared Hosting to VPS

If you are on a budget and you need to setup a small blog or ecommerce website, most people will often go for the shared hosting plan. It is budget friendly since you will be sharing one physical server.

But shred hosting is ideal for websites that don’t have a lot of traffic. Shared hosting is therefore the first stepping stone for your online business, blog or website to reach greater heights.

Why You Should Upgrade From Shared Hosting to VPS

Migrate From Shared Hosting to VPS

At some point however, as your business grows, you will find that shred hosting is no longer a viable solution for you. For example, when your website traffic increases, you will find that it takes longer for the website to load.

This can be detrimental to your business since most customers will often navigate away from a website that takes too long to load.

To avoid these problems, it may be time for you to migrate to VPS Servers. A VPS server provides you with all the benefits of a dedicated server without the added cost.

You will have administrative access, making it easy to customize the server any way you want. You know you are ready to move to VPS when you meet the following criteria.

1] When You Have More Incoming Traffic

Like we mentioned before, higher incoming traffic can significantly decrease the performance of your website if you are on a shared plan.

This is because you have to share the disk space with all the other websites on that plan. So, when you notice that your traffic is increasing and your website’s performance is decreasing, it may be time to consider VPS.

2] When You want a Better SEO Ranking

Better SEO Ranking

When you are on a shared hosting plan, you share the server and the IP with hundreds of other websites. When some of the websites on your plan have a bad reputation, it can greatly affect your SEO ranking regardless of the steps you take to get a better ranking. If you want a better SEO ranking a Windows VPS server may be a better choice.

3] When You Want More Control

A shared hosting plan doesn’t allow you access to the servers and so you may not be able to add more resources as you need them. If you find that you need more RAM or disk space, you may want to move to VPS servers.

VPS plans allow for a lot of customization options including downgrading and upgrading the operating system, control panels, amount of RAM and even the hard disk space. This means that as your business grows your hosting plan can grow with you to accommodate your new needs.

A VPS server will also give you full administrative access, thereby allowing you to install additional tools and modules.

4] When You Need Added Data Security

Data Security & Data Privacy

A shared hosting plan is not the most ideal solution when data security is of paramount importance to you. The fact that you are sharing a server with hundreds of other websites should be concerning to you if security is key. In sharp contrast a VPS hosting plan gives you a dedicated IP.

You are not sharing it with anyone else and therefore don’t have to worry about another person’s activities compromising the security of your data. You want to move to VPS especially when your business grows and you begin to collect personal information like credit card numbers and addresses from your customers.

It is your responsibility to protect your customer’s sensitive information and a VPS server allows you to do this very easily.

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