How Is Driving In Tampa Different than the Rest of Florida

Every city in Florida has its own traffic laws. Although many of those laws overlap, some of them are very unique to each city. Find out how driving in Tampa differs from the rest of Florida.

Driving In Tampa, Florida

Cruising is Illegal

In Tampa, there is a specific ordinance that prohibits cruising. However, this doesn’t refer to a fun day on a large cruise ship. Instead, it refers to unnecessary driving done in a repetitive nature. If you drive your vehicle up and down the same road, you are guilty of cruising.

Not all Florida cities have this same policy. However, it’s not a bad policy. The law prevents people from casing houses or doing other illegal activities that come with cruising. If ever you’d get a ticket make sure to look where is the citation number on a ticket so you can take care of it easily.

Muffler Replacement is Illegal

Tampa is particularly strict about muffler replacement. In the city, you are not allowed to lease, replace, install, or sell a muffler that does not comply with the Florida Uniform Traffic Control Law.

Every Conviction Comes with a $2 Fee

If you are prosecuted for an ordinance violation, you could be required to pay a $2 fee. Anyone who is convicted or is withheld adjudication must pay $2. However, the money does go to a good cause. It goes to criminal justice education programs and trainings.

Golf Carts are Street Legal, Sometimes

In certain areas of the city, golf carts are street legal. More specifically, they are legal on public roads on Davis Island. This is unlike many other areas of Florida, where golf carts are illegal on public roads.

There are some regulations that golf cart drivers should keep in mind. For example, all golf carts on public roads need good brakes and tires, a rear-view mirror, and a reliable steering wheel. If you want to drive your golf cart in the dark, you need headlights, brake lights, and several other safety devices.

Failing to have the appropriate accessories makes your golf cart in violation of the ordinance. You also violate the ordinance if you drive anywhere else with the golf cart.

You Need to Keep at Least Ten Feet of Roadway Available if You Stop in a Traffic Lane

It’s not uncommon for cities to have ordinances that prevent cars from stopping in a traffic lane. However, Tampa has a particularly unique ordinance. If you don’t leave ten feet or more of space available for other vehicles, you’re in violation. You can’t stop in an alley, on a street, or on city property if you don’t meet the ten foot requirement.

There are two exceptions. If you are loading or unloading passengers, you can stop. You can also stop if you need to in an effort to obey with a police officer or traffic signs.

Complying with Tampa Traffic Laws

Not everyone complies with Tampa traffic laws. When certain drivers ignore the city ordinances, they cause accidents. The victims of those accidents could find themselves with medical bills and car repair bills piling up. Sometimes, they are out of work for weeks or longer.

Tampa Traffic Laws

If you’re a victim of an accident, car accident law in Florida is on your side. A car accident lawyer in Tampa might be able to help you. When you find the right auto accident lawyer in Tampa, you can fight for compensation.

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