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20 Best Google Products (All That You Wanted to Know!)

It is an undeniable fact that some of the best products offered by Google have become an inseparable part of our lives. It is indeed hard to imagine life without these Google gadgets in this world.

Google is owned by Alphabet Inc and it is one of the biggest companies globally. In fact, there is a world of its own inside Google that is always expanding.

Best Google Products In 2022

Top Google Products List

Considering the wide variety of products offered by Google, let’s take a look at the curated list of some of the most famous products.


If you know how demanding the career option of being a ‘YouTuber’ is, you’ll know how big a product of Google it is. It is needless to mention that YouTube is the biggest video platform all over the world. Whether you create content or just view it, there’s no better option than YouTube.

YouTube - Video sharing company

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Android is an operating system (OS) and it is a brainchild of the CEO of Alphabet, who is also the former CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai. It is due to the power of Android that the world has changed for the best. Being one of the top products of Google, its only competitor is Apple’s iOS. It has gained huge popularity with the help of its versions.

Android - Mobile Operating System

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If you often browse the internet, you must have seen domains like [email protected] What are these blogspot domains? They’re all registered under Blogger, the top product of Google. In recent times, blogging has risen in popularity and thanks to this platform that you can create a blog and run it for free.

Blogger - Blog publishing service

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Google Ads

Did you notice the banners in the sidebar when you search things on Google? Google Ads are text and banner ads that you notice when you search things on Google.

This platform is utilized by companies to endorse and advertise their products on their website. The algorithm of Google works in such a manner that is based on relevant ads and on your search.

Google Ads - Online advertising platform

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This is a mail application and is yet another famous product of Google. Regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, life is hard to imagine without Gmail. It is also immensely easy to set up an account on Gmail and this makes it all the more popular.

Gmail - Free email service developed by Google

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Google AdSense

There are several websites where you see advertisement banners displayed and these ads are all placed by Google AdSense. This is basically a website monetization platform and if you have a website, you can place ads and get paid via AdSense.

Google AdSense - Earn Money From Website Monetization

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Google Chrome

Chrome is a browser that’s one of the best products of Google. Apart from Apple iPhone, this browser is always pre-installed on every smartphone that you use. Make sure you use an updated version.

Google Chrome - Web browser

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Google My Business

This is a business listing that is also run by Google. Whenever you own a business, it has to be registered on Google My Business. If you don’t list your business here, you won’t get noticed locally.

Google My Business – Drive Customer Engagement on Google

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Google Docs

This is one more popular Google product that offers online documents for personal requirements. To understand this, Google Docs is a modified form of MS word on cloud computing. There are several formats and templates available.

Google Docs - Free Online Documents for Personal Use

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Google Maps

Google Maps is an app offered by Google with the help of which you can navigate any location on the web. With this, you can reach anywhere in the world without any fuss.

Google Maps - Web mapping service

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Google Drive

Google Drive offers free cloud storage for official and personal use. Cloud storage is getting famous due to the problems linked with other physical devices and hence Drive is the most popular one.

Google Drive - File storage and synchronization service

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Google Meet

For all kinds of real-time meetings, Google Meet is one of the best applications and this can also be used for video conferencing. It is a video conferencing solution that is available to all of us.

Google Meet - Video communication service

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Google Pay

This was previously called Tez, Google Pay is a smart UPI payment system. This is one of the best payment apps from Google that promise you to make your finances as simple as possible.

Google Pay - Digital wallet platform and online payment system

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Google News

Google News is a news listing platform that is again run by Google. You can read news articles and watch news videos published by different media houses.

Google News - News aggregator service

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Google Photos

Google Photos is a mobile application that organizes and stores all your videos and photos. This is a sort of digital home to videos and images that are there on your phone.

Google Photos - Photo sharing and storage service

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Google Play

Google Play is more famously called Google Play Store. This runs on an Android operating system and you’ll get all sorts of apps from this PlayStore, mostly free of cost.

Google Play - Android Market

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Google Search

If you choose to search anything, all you need to do is ‘Google’ it! Google search is simply called Google and it is a web search engine that lets you search information on the web.

Google Search - Web search engine

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Google Input Tools

This is an application that lets you communicate. With Google Input Tools, you are allowed to communicate in any language. It supports more than 80 languages.

It can both be used for professional and personal use. Google Input Tools is also available as a Chrome extension and it can both be used online and offline.

Google Input Tools - Typing Tools

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Google Sheets

If you’re checking out online spreadsheets for your personal use, Google Sheets is certainly the answer. This is more like a cloud version of MS Excel with many added features.

Google Sheets is linked with your Google account and hence this can be accessed through several devices. You can edit this spreadsheet real-time.

Google Sheets - Spreadsheet program

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Google Translate

Google Translate is sought help of when you’re stuck with any type of translation. This is an instant free translation service that is supported by Google. Google Translate supports more than 100 languages and is used for translating not just words but also web pages and phrases.

Google Translate

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Therefore, if you’re wondering about the superb products provided by Google, keep in mind all the above mentioned products from this list. Refer to them whenever you need them and you’ll find yourself getting addicted to them very soon.

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