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Are You Following These Great Tech Blogs?

Tech blogs are one of the best tools you can use to discover new ideas and technology. When you are aware of the latest and most relevant technology, you’ll have an easier time outshining your competition. Here are some great tech blogs for you to follow.

Best Tech Blogs You Should Read

Great Tech Blogs

1] SiliconeANGLE

This one is great to find trending stories in the tech world. Here you can find great content about AI, data, security, blockchain, cloud technology, and more. This blog will keep you updated on the newest technology in business and high-tech.


2] The Verge

It’s one of the most popular tech blogs out there. There’s a lot of diverse content here for you to enjoy. You’ll see product reviews, tech news, videos, podcasts, and more.

The Verge

3] TechSpot

This is a blog where you will find news and reviews on everyday consumer products. It’s a valuable place if you need information or news covering types of tech products.


4] Wired

This blog will show you the current technology trends that are relevant to you. On Wired, you’ll be able to find topics on technology that is currently affecting your field or interests.


5] Venture Beat

Venture Beat covers topics relating to the newest technological advances in a wide variety of fields. The blog goes over new scientific studies related to tech. You’ll be able to view just about any tech topic you want. You can check into the latest technology in video games, AI, and more.


6] Cnet News

This is one of the most well-known tech product review sites. They thoroughly review new tech as it comes out. With Cnet, you’ll be able to discover new tech products and find out if a product is for you.

Cnet News

7] Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch delves into the business-related aspects of technology. You’ll get to read about the latest topics in business dealings, the stock market, lawsuits, and new technology. Tech Crunch offers a membership which will give you access to business resources and industry service providers.


8] Geek Wire

This blog is dedicated to the most recently released technology. They submit daily news on leading tech industries. Greek Wire publishes other content, and they offer valuable resources to various professionals.


9] ArsTechnia

Ars Technica deals with information on technologies in the IT fields. The blog also plays around with different political and cultural ideas. Some of their topics will be more relevant to a foreign audience. Their blog can be a great way to develop some global awareness.

Ars Technica

10] BGR

Go to this blog, and you’ll find all the latest information on mobile and consumer technology. It offers helpful information about using technology in your personal life. It’s an excellent blog for even inexperienced tech users.


11] Computer World

Computer World covers information related to high-tech. It’s one of the most valuable blogs for enterprises.


Other Blogs and Information

The blogs you’ve seen here are excellent ones to start following, but there are many other great blogs. A great place to find additional tips and blogs is on the mashup WebPurify’s recent post sharing the best 22 Tech Blogs at

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