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How to use Master Page in

Use Master Page in Asp.Net

Master page is a First thing when you started your own project in The is provide many facility for develop your own project. Last Framework is 4.5 for that is come with many features. This is my First post on the Tutorial. I hope that this post is very helpful to you. When i started my online shopping project i need a master page and first i set a master page than i go further for project.

The Master page is use for the Define the structure or layout of your website.This is Merged the Content page into the master page.The Master page never run on the always run the content page that is come with the master page.Here we discuss all the steps for implement the master page in

Steps For Use Master page in Asp.Net

First of all Right Click on the New Project than u see the below screen.

Then you select the master page and Click on Add button.The extension of the master page is .master and by default name is MasterPage.master.after you see the below code of master page.

Master-Page-Code After adding master page you can create your layout of your website.this page u design in html and you can use also CSS file in that by just adding StyleSheet.

than add the Content page that you merge with the master page.

Web-form-in-asp.netSimply add the Web Form and Check the box Select master page so this page is merged with the master page.After you design your content page simply run Content page.Here i design register can define your own structure or layout of your website by using the master page in’s unique for all pages.


So in this way you can use the master form in hope that you enjoy this Post.

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