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Common Reasons Why You Need to Redesign Your Website

A company’s website and online presence is an essential part of their marketing strategy. At Blue Whale Media, our team could argue that your website is the most important element of your whole online presence, even more so than your social media platforms.

Website Redesign

Your website is the place where you will show your target demographic who your business is and help potential customers and clients gather a detailed understanding of what you can offer.

Our Web Design Warrington team are experienced and dedicated to ensuring that our clients have the best representation of their business through superior websites. We have compiled a list of the most common reasons why a company would need to redesign their website.

1] Your site is not user friendly

Statistics show that 88% of online customers report that they are less likely to return to a website after a less than favourable experience. With such a huge amount of competition being created every hour or every day, your website must be exceptional and fully functional to be in with a chance of catching your customers eye.

Elements of a successful website include fast loading speed, intuitive on-site navigations and a sleek and contemporary design.

Functionality is vital, but it is also important to be concise and effectively communicate your services and products in a concise manner. It can be overwhelming and difficult for your customers to understand the specifics of what you are offering if your website is messy and unresponsive.

2] A dated design turns customers away

Web design is such a progressive and forward thinking area that if your site has not been upgraded or tweaked in the last 4 years, it can look and feel dated. It can be easy to put off a full site redesign and it may be seen as unnecessary, but a revamp and refresh are essential for your site to stay fresh and relevant.

To stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the crowd, our Web Design Warrington team recommend that you invest in bespoke and eye catching details such as hand drawn graphics, animations, motion graphics or a high-quality video production.

3] Your site does not effectively represent your brand anymore

Evolution is a natural part of business and it is important to redesign and revamp your site to better represent your evolution. Have your brand values or your business model been redefined? Has your target audience changed? These are important questions to ask yourself at regular intervals throughout the year.

For your business to be trusted and chosen by your target audience, your online presence must align with your presence in the real world. If your website is indicative of who you are as a company, your business will be deemed more trustworthy.

Our Web Design Warrington team advises that you take the time to assess your branding every 6 months. With ever growing online business, it is vital to show that you are staying up to date and remaining authentic.

4] Poor conversion rates

Ultimately, the aim of your website is to generate leads and enquiries for your business. As a marketing tool, your website is second to none. If you find that your conversions or leads are not representative of what you know your business is capable of, it is important to identify potential issues before you invest in new branding and a website redesign.

Conversion Rate

To combat this problem, our web design Stockport team uses Google Analytics to gain important insight into your target audiences online behaviour. Use the programme to test small changes.

For example, you can change up a call to action and measure how your customers react to it compared to your original. By doing this, you can invest your time and effort into the adjustments that work.


At Blue Whale Media, we understand how vital an effective and accurate online presence is. Through our extensive work and experience, we have developed a detailed understanding of what is required when creating or redesigning a website.

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