iTunes Alternatives: How to Find the Best Music Player

Apple’s iTunes was a great, all-in-one music player where iOS users could listen to their favorite music, download media, create playlists, find podcasts and TV shows, and do so much more!

It was one of the perks of owning an iOS device. But ever since Apple discontinued iTunes back in 2019 due to the app being too cluttered, the experience hasn’t quite been the same.

Best iTunes Alternatives You Can Use

Best iTunes Alternatives

Even iTunes came with its own limitations as users had to purchase everything. But you don’t necessarily have to rely on these iOS apps to meet your needs when you have so many iTunes alternatives in the market.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best alternatives to iTunes for mac available in 2021 and see why they are better than iTunes. So without further ado, let’s dive right in, shall we?


Also known as the ultimate iTunes alternative, WALTR 2 is the best desktop app that we have come across on the internet today. This next-gen app is an all-rounder for sending things to your iOS devices in one go!

WALTR 2 is a drag and drop app that lets you send practically ANYTHING to your iOS devices, be it the first generation iPod or the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max. It lets you drop any file from your PC desktop to its native app on your iOS devices. You can send photos, videos, movies, TV shows, audio, pictures, documents, and any other file to your iOS device instantly.

But my personal favorite feature about this app is the automatic format conversions. You know how Apple devices have different formats for every file and you have to convert them in an iOS-compatible format? Turns out, WALTR 2 converts them automatically DURING the transfers, so you don’t have to worry about format compatibility.

This high-tech app also comes with automatic wi-fi conversions, automatic content recognition, and support for iBooks. You can download WALTR 2 on both Mac and Windows computers.

VLC Video Player

VLC is perhaps the most popular video player for PC that needs no introduction. The reason why most people prefer it over any other video player is that it supports tonnes of video, audio, and subtitle formats, offers a great user experience, and is very easy to use.

In addition to its user experience, VLC also lets you record your desktop, download subtitles, convert files, stream videos on the internet, add video and audio effects and do so much more!

Moreover, this app never lags, crashes, or shows any bugs. It beats Apple’s media player, Quicktime, by a HUGE margin in every aspect and doesn’t even deserve to be compared with iTunes.


iMazing is an iOS manager tool designed for both Mac and Windows that comes with tonnes of features, beating iTunes by a big margin!

The iMazing allows users to transfer files and data, create backups, restore backups, view and edit backups, export text and WhatsApp messages with attachments, manage contacts, apps, and files, print data, make and edit ringtones, manage and troubleshoot iOS, check battery health and do so much more!

What’s more, iMazing allows customizable file transfers and has an extremely fast speed. Its user interface is extremely easy and seamless. Moreover, the company promises the security of your data and does not collect, save or share it at all.

iMazing gives you WAY more freedom and control over how you manage your iOS devices. It supports all iOS devices and can be downloaded on both Mac and PC.


VOX is the ultimate music player for Mac that offers an incredibly seamless and high-quality music playback without any crashes or lags. It is very easy to use and supports tonnes of music formats including MP3, FLAC, ALAC, APE, and many more. So you don’t have to convert formats beforehand. VOX can also be connected with your SoundCloud to stream music.

In addition to being a powerful music player, VOX also gives you access to over 30000+ radio stations in exchange for a small price.

If you are looking for an iTunes alternative music player, you are definitely going to fall in love with VOX. Its user design, simple functions, and no-fuss performance are second to none!

Bottom Line

iTunes is gone for good and these iTunes alternative apps are here to save your day! All of this software is more powerful, functional, and better than iTunes in every way. They are packed with much more features and will ensure a great user experience.

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