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Why It’s So Important to Have Good Motorcycle Insurance

Just like with any other vehicle, getting your motorcycle covered by an insurance provider is crucial. Although motorcyclists only make up for less than 1% of all the miles driven in the United States, motorcycles make up for 15% of all motor accident deaths since 2012.

Motorcycle Insurance

Within all of the two-vehicle crashes involving motorcycles in 2015, 54% of them resulted in the fatality of either the driver of the motorcycle or the driver of the motor vehicle.

Motorcycle insurance can help you with vehicle repairs and health expenses after any accidents. Below are the numerous areas that motorcycle insurance covers and why it is imperative.

Motorcycle Safety

The high ratio of motorcycle accidents to car accidents isn’t to say that motorcycle drivers aren’t as good drivers. However, motorcycles do not provide the safety of a normal vehicle.

When driving a motorbike, you do not have the protection of the vehicle on either side of you, above you, below you, or in front or behind you. If you’re in an accident, you’re completely exposed and susceptible to whatever you are in the accident with.

In a vehicle, a simple rear-end accident might result in minor damage and little to no injuries. However, for a motorbike, it could be deadly when one or both parties in the accident are riding a motorcycle.

Insurance protects the rider in these instances to ensure that any damages from the other vehicle are taken care of by the responsible parties.

Property Damage and Total Loss

Given the high risk of motorcycle accidents, you are more likely to have substantial physical damage to your bike than you would with a regular vehicle. This also means that you will need a good motorcycle insurance provider to cover the costs of those repairs.

Another likely possibility with motorcycle accidents is a total loss claim. A total loss claim is when the cost of the repairs to the motorcycle or vehicle is greater than the value of it, or when it simply is not repairable. Motorcycle insurance is required in order for you to get your money to purchase a replacement for your loss.

Collision Coverage

Collison coverage is similar to property damage and total loss, except it is for the opposing party. If you are in an accident that was your fault, or that you caused, you and your insurance agency will be held liable to cover the costs of the other party’s property damage or total loss amount. In these cases, insurance protects you from having to pay out the entire sum all at once.

This process will work the same way around if the driver of the other vehicle is at fault. In those cases, coverage from the right insurer will mean that you are not financially penalized.

Medical Bills

Motorcycle accidents have a much higher fatality and injury rate than regular motor vehicle accidents. As such, an insurance provider that will cover your medical expenses caused by the accident is possibly the most crucial aspect to add to your policy.

If your injuries are severe enough, medical treatment may go beyond the initial hospital visit after the accident. This could mean surgeries and physical therapy. Some injuries may not appear until a later time.

The smallest of a motorcycle accident can result in serious injuries and even fatality, so coverage for medical bills that comes with motorcycle insurance is extremely important.

Hiring an Attorney After an Accident

If you do get into an accident, no matter who is at fault, you want to make sure to hire a local attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents. For instance, if you live in the Tampa/Sarasota, FL area, you will want to seek out an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Tampa.

Local and specialized attorneys will be able to represent you, and they will have a better familiarity with the legal rights and guarantees that you should have under local and state regulations.

They can also help you to navigate the complexities of motorcycle insurance. If need be, they can even negotiate with your providers to ensure you get the right compensation that you are due.

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