What To Look For In A Quality UPS System For Your Business

All businesses should have an effective plan in place for inevitable power shortages, brownouts, blackouts, and periods when the power runs low. For the local shop, this isn’t so crucial, but if your business relies upon important electronic data, a steadily functioning computer network, or a complex telecommunications set-up, then a major influx or reduction in voltage (or a wholesale, city-wide blackout) can have dire consequences—sensitive information may be lost, entire operations may shut down. For some industries, a loss or surge of power may incur physical dangers to your employees. In order to keep things running safely, you’ll want to invest in a quality UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) System that’s right for your situation. Here’s what to look for.

UPS System Business

UPS System For Business:

Some UPS Systems are simply too sensitive. Because minor fluctuations in power are very common, you don’t want to be reverting to your UPS whenever they occur. Look for a system with a considerable frame of frequency and voltage to ensure that only major losses of energy will trigger a switch to your battery power. Furthermore, check for an automatic bypass safety feature, which will ensure your hardware’s safety during extreme overload situations.

Another outstanding feature of a quality UPS is what’s called a “hot-swappable” battery. This means that if one or more of your UPS System’s batteries run low, you can exchange them with new packs without having to shut down. When you need your UPS to sustain your equipment without any fluctuation in power, the ability to change batteries while in use will be a major must-have feature!

Don’t make using or programming your UPS a complex chore, look into ease of use and functionality from your provider. Today, digital LCD touch-screen displays make scrolling through or selecting options an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Numerous UPS Systems also allow users the option to monitor their statuses from remote locations using online interfaces. If you’re away from or prevented access to the office or warehouse, you should still be able to inspect and program your back-up power—your livelihood may depend upon it!

UPS System Business

Additionally, a good retailer should offer excellent warranties on both UPS Systems and the batteries they use—look for multi-year warranties and full-replacement agreements. If you are wary of limited warranties, a quality retailer should also be able to extend and negotiate the end-date to match your needs and concerns. After all, you should always receive the best service for such an important investment. Finally, find a manufacturer or retailer with a telephone support line—and one that’s accessible at any time of day—to indicate superior customer support and reliability.

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When it comes to choosing which phase, series, and service plan you might need, start by heading to toshiba and downloading the PDF brochures. A Toshiba representative would also be happy to help you through any questions or concerns you might have. Don’t take chances with your UPS—only trust the best.

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