10 Best Accessories for Your Mobile Device

Modern technology has changed our lives for the better. Mobile devices like smartphones have transformed the concept of portable personal computers.

They are not only convenient to use but also are nothing less in features compared to high-tech computers. If you want to enhance the experience of using a mobile device, you can make use of accessories.

Essential Smartphone Accessories You Can Buy

Essential Smartphone Accessories


There is an extensive range of accessories available in the market but making the right choice is a tricky job. You can’t make a decision based on the hype of the accessory rather you should choose one that meets your requirements. In this blog, we will discuss the best accessories for mobile devices.

1] Selfie Stick

Selfies have become an important part of our everyday life. Whatever the occasion is, everyone seems to be clicking tons of selfies. Some know the hacks to take nice selfies while others struggle to get nice shots.

If you want to take amazing selfies without putting in much effort, make use of a selfie stick. It can help you take beautiful pictures with a wider angle. The selfie stick is ideal for group shots as it allows the accommodation of more people in a frame.

2] Phone Holder

Currently, the smartphone is the most popular electronic device worldwide.  It has made the life of people easy by providing multiple functions. However, one inconvenience is carrying your phone all the time and phone holders have emerged as a big relief.

Phone Holder

There are many types of phone holders available including a magnetic phone holder, suction phone holder, and a phone holder stand.

Whether you are driving or watching a movie, using a phone holder will come in handy. Phone holders are not only convenient to use but also provide safety. When your phone is placed in its proper place, you will never have to worry about losing it.

Moreover, people using wireless headphones while sleeping are becoming more and more common. If you want to want to use them primarily to keep you occupied when sleeping, check this list to see the best headphones for sleeping while listening to your favorite tunes this 2019.

3] Wireless Charger

Charging is one of the biggest concerns associated with mobile devices. Initially, Android started providing wireless chargers with its devices but now the iPhone has also joined the game. The popularity of wireless charging is on the rise due to its numerous benefits.

It saves you from all the troublesome of carrying separate chargers for multiple devices. A wireless charger can charge different devices like smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. Also, the wireless charger is a safer option and proves to be economical as it is a one-time investment.

4] Camera Lens

The camera is an integral part of smartphones. People take photos with their phone cameras all the time and expect the best results. Despite advancements in phone camera technology, there are certain limitations which can be shielded with a compatible lens. There are camera lenses available for both Android and iPhone that provide beautiful images.

You can get a wider angle of the frame by using a lens which will give better scenic and group shots.  Also, the image quality in high and low light will increase by using a lens.

5] Screen Protector

Everyone wants to preserve the value of their mobile device in all possible ways. Probably, the most vulnerable area of a mobile device is its screen. It is prone to scratches, cracks, debris, and dust.

Screen Protector

The best way to shield your screen is by using a protector. It provides protection against glare, dust, and is shatter-resistant. In addition to that, screen protectors have some other benefits too.

A screen with a protector is not affected by the sticking finger marks that hinder the visibility. There are antibacterial screen protectors available that prevent the growth of bacteria on the surface of the screen. Also, screen protectors provide additional privacy as only the user can see the information on the screen.

6] Cover

People around the world use phone covers or cases due to their numerous benefits. First of all, a phone cover provides protection to the body preventing any scratches and cracks.

Secondly, phone covers are resistant to heat and dust. Phone cover can increase the life of your phone and also has an aesthetic appeal. Most of the phone covers are anti-slip and minimize the risk of fall.

7] Stylus

Sometimes using your fingers to touch phone’s screen is not the best choice. For example, tapping wet or oily fingers on screen makes it hard to swipe and also leaves stains.

In such cases, a stylus can come to your assistance. It allows you to conveniently use the phone regardless of the condition of your hands. A stylus is much more accurate in pointing and selecting. Not only this, it is easier to navigate and type with the help of a stylus.

8] Portable Keyboard

In today’s technology-centric world, everyone wants to do more in less time. While using your mobile device, you might often feel that there are certain things that limit your productivity. However, there are accessories that can make usage of your device much easier.

Portable Keyboard

One such device is a portable keyboard that is designed based on all the requirements of ergonomics. Whether you are using a laptop, phone or tablet, a portable keyboard will reduce muscle strain minimizing chances of an injury. It also provides a better posture preventing back and shoulder pain.

9] Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are absolutely worth buying because they have so much to offer. They are convenient to connect to devices and provide ultimate mobility as no chords are hanging around.

Whether you are listening to music while jogging or talking on call during driving, Wireless Bluetooth headphones are ideal. The best part is that sound quality is not affected at all by losing the chords.

10] Selfie Flashlight

If you want to take flawless selfies in all types of lighting, make use of a selfie flashlight. It is very appropriate to use and the light intensity can be adjusted according to the requirement.


There is no fixed set of accessories for mobile devices that can be considered best because everyone’s needs and preferences are different. But all the accessories mentioned above have proven to be the handiest ones for mobile devices.

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