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Is Cloud Backup Robot the Ultimate Files Backup Software For You?

Does it bother you that nowadays you can almost never be sure if your computer data is being accessed by someone else? Hackers and information thieves have been on the rise compromising the data we store in our computers.

Again, there is a rise in computer thieves who want to make a quick buck selling your hardware to unscrupulous and unknowing clients. This is why getting a computer data backup solution that is painless is very important….and I believe I just found the best!

Cloud Files Backup Software

Cloud Backup Robot Files Backup Software

Cloud Backup Robot – Files Backup Software

This solution comes in the form of a software program that you download and install in your computer. Baptized the Cloud Backup Robot, this Windows-based data backup software, is just awesome to say the least. I say this with confidence owing to how life-changing this software has been for me. Besides being easy to use, it also increases your backed up data security greatly making your life relying on your computer easier. Below are some awesome features of this software product:

Automated Backup Process

The Backup Robot software is an awesome tool to help you create an automated process of backing up all your important data. This software has features that allow you to either go manual with your backups or set a schedule where your backup processes will be initiated automatically at specific times. This eliminated the headaches that come with a highly detailed backup process that is normally very technical for the novice computer user.

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Simple 1-click Backup

This backup robot software program comes with the ability to initiate an entire backup process in a single button click. Once you install the software in your computer, then you can set and forget the backup process. In the case where you wish to do a manual backup, all you need to do is just click a button and it gets done. You can choose to have this backup saved on your hard drive, on a network or even in the cloud. Depending on how security averse you are, the options are open for you. Cloud storage option allows you to store your backed files on Amazon S3 or in One Drive, Google Drive or DropBox.

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Secure Cloud Storage

Cloud Backup Robot Files Backup Software

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage robot allows you to opt for storage of your backup files in the cloud. What this means is that you can choose to have your backed up files stored in a more secure and remote place that is the cloud, which also allows you to access the same data easily when you need to carry out a data restore. With heavy encryption and security that comes with most cloud storage services, you can rest assured that your data is beyond reach by hackers and thieves.

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Organization of Files

To further make your life easier, this software organizes your data in the storage platform such that all duplicate files are deleted leaving only the useful up-to-date files. Again, during the backup process, this software intelligently scans through your files and excludes the unnecessary files from the backup. This way, you end up saving storage space while remaining at optimum organization level.

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