Here’s How to Explore the Beauty of Kolkata During Durga Puja

India plays host to huge international festivals all year round. And one of the main festivals that people come to witness in India is the Durga Puja. So if you’re wondering what to do next autumn, and where to visit, hop on a flight with cheapest flight rates to the airport in Kolkata through the travel portals and come taste the festive flavour.

Come for Durga Puja, Stay Back & Explore Kolkata

You Must Visit Kolkata For Durga Puja

1) Making of the Idols:

The most important part, perhaps, of the Durga Puja, is the Idols of Goddess Durga herself. Ten hands spread in a graceful arc, the three eyes glaring down, riding the majestic lion, and plunging a trident down into the heart of the demon, Mahishasur, Goddess Durga’s idol is a sight to behold.

The fabius artisans and potters of Kumartuli, in North Kolkata, are very skilled that this is but a regular job for them, and each of them gets orders by the hundreds. Around a week before the actual Puja starts, you will easily be able to view the finishing touches being added to the clay sculptures, including the famous drawing of the eyes, a famous auspicious ritual known as the “ChokkhuDaan”.

The beautiful clay models are stunning and even a layman states at them being made, for hours, acknowledging the effort and appreciating the beauty.

2) Pandal Hopping:

The pandals, the decorative displays with each, is unique style and theme, are a sight to behold, and a major reason for people flicking to Kolkata during the puja holidays. This act of going from pandal to pandal, seeking blessings from and praying to the Goddess herself, is what is termed, Pandal Hopping. There are thousands of Pandals spread out across the city, from the airport in Kolkata in the North, to the aristocratic portion of the city in the South, and it is literally impossible for one to Timor each and every one of them.

The most popular time of the day for visiting Pandals is the night time, when adding to the huge displays are brilliant, vivid lights and electrifying led displays and models that excite and please you at the same time.

3) Traditional House Pujas:

Apart from the Panama you have the traditional House Pujas or the “BonediBarirPujo”, which are essentially the huge palace-like houses of rich aristocratic landowners of Kolkata and they have been hosting it for years. Visiting them is like travelling back in time to the traditional pujas, without any modern touch at all, and it is indeed a splendid experience.

4) Food delights:

One of the main reasons why you would want to view the Durga Puja, would be the famous Bengali cuisine that Kolkata has to offer in all its splendour. A wide array of food stalls accompanies fancy and lavish restaurants all over the city, with a wide variety of delectable on offer for everyone. Bengalis are famous for their sweets, and they are produced and sold in huge quanta these few days. It is undoubtedly going to be a roller-coaster ride for your taste buds.

5) Cultural events and Immersion:

Dhunuchi Naach (traditional Durga Puja dance)

With the puja comes many cultural events including the famous Dhunuchi Naach. Do not fail to watch this graceful dance form on the streets. The immersion of the idols at the end of the festival is another extravagant affair, which not only does leave a sad blot in the heart but also is a brilliant treat for the eyes.

No more waiting, hop on board! With cheapest flight rates from travel agencies, come to the brilliantly lit airport in Kolkata in autumn and savour the flavour of Bengal’s’ biggest festival. 🙂

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