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Fotor’s Must-try Editorial Features For Social Media Use

With the help of a perfect combination of the visual appeal of a design along with the perfectly easy-to-grasp message that it wishes to convey, you can make your design element work in favor of your social media post, banner ad or YouTube channel.

When you work with a skilled and experienced graphic designer, he is liable to deliver you the ideal combination. This is why there are times when you may need a wise and smart photo editor software like Fotor.

Clients who have used Fotor acknowledge that this is one of the best photo editing tools due to its user-friendly design but this is certainly not the place to stop as it has much more to offer.

Fotor Photo Editor

The attributes of Fotor are highly-accessible and its design templates are combined with its interesting visual appeal. This is what makes Fotor stands out in the crowd.

Surprise your social media audience with the best themed designs

Since we’re gradually moving towards Christmas and New Year, businesses will be eager to put out posters, ads, and social media posts in order to ace up their festive spirits. People will also love to make the most of your festive season by designing the most beautiful cards and gifts.

Now that designers have Fotor, you can be assured about the fact that the designs will have the perfect blend of professionalism and allure that caters to the need of any festivity.

Fotor and its must-try editorial features

As already mentioned above, Fotor offers the most powerful editing features as compared to any other photo editing tool. If you’re not sure about them, here is a checklist to keep in mind.

Background Remover

There are several photos where the subject looks perfect but the background doesn’t. If this issue has kept you from posting them on social media, you needn’t fret as the background remover feature of Fotor is there to help you out.

This tool’s AI background remover easily detects the subject and removes the bg in a smooth manner. You can handle animal fur, hair, and other minute edges of the subject within a few seconds. So, you can save your energy and time to get a high-quality transparent photo.

Profile picture maker

Thanks to the background remover feature that you can not only change the backgrounds of your profile pictures but Fotor also lets you set the right mood for your social media DP.

The PFP maker feature of Fotor provides you with a list of different patterns and colors. You can add any of them that suits your look. Just assign this task to Fotor and it will do the needful for you to design an alluring profile picture.

Turn Photo to Sketch

You can easily use a professionally designed feature of Fotor called the photo to sketch converter to give a sketch like look to your photos. It takes just a few seconds to turn a photo into sketch as the online interface of this tool is highly user-friendly. All you need to do is select a sketch filter and there you go!

You can turn your portrait into a pencil sketch as we all love this effect. The picture-to-drawing converter of Fotor will do this in a few steps.

One tap enhancement

Thanks to the one tap enhancement feature of Fotor that you can enhance the photo quality instantly. This feature helps you reduce blur, enhances colors, removes haze, increases sharpness, and highlights focus, and much more. This feature of Fotor is free as it can perfect your photos instantly.

The best thing about this feature is that you don’t need any separate photo editing skills in order to use this feature. All you need to do is to upload your image and click on the one-tap enhancement button. Let the tool detect the image and correct the colors and lightings of the picture, improve other details, and repair blurry photos.

NFT Creator

If you’re a web enthusiast, you’d know that NFT is one of the newest ways of representing digital assets, which records ownership through blockchain. The Fotor NFT Art Creator feature can design NFT art easily and quickly and also unleash your creativity skills with the help of the NFT creator.

Consider the special model algorithm and the machine learning technique and embody it with popular oil painting styles that you choose. Once you find out the results of this feature, you’ll be amazed and amused to see the results.

Photo Frames

This feature has been designed keeping in mind different styles and occasions in mind. Fotor’s borders and photo frames will add and enhance the quality and impact of your pictures.

You can add frames to your favorite pictures online with the help of Fotor as it offers a wide array of digital photo frames and styles that lets you customize your images in any style that you want. From the shadow, classic, simple frames to the polaroid ones to dress up your photos in the way you want.

Funky photo effects

Would you like your photos to get a cool and funky effect? Nowadays, there are various styles of photography that gives a professional and cool look to your pictures. With the help of funky photo effects of Fotor, you can add a fashionable and stylish look to your photo.

The funky photo effect maker allows you to experience some of the most interesting photos online. You just have to upload your image and the funky photo filter improves and lightens up the image automatically. If you don’t like that, with another single click, you can add a stunning halo around the photo to give it an angelic look.

Therefore, now that you are aware of the editing features of this exceptional photo editing tool called Fotor, what are you waiting for? If you want to leverage these features, download the tool and start using it. You don’t need to be a practiced designer in order to use the features.

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