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Freen Sarocha Chankimha: Biography, Movies, Tv Shows, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family & Husband

Actress and model Sarocha Chankimha is from Thailand. She goes by Freen on stage. She is a multi-talented artist who performs with Idol Factory as an actress. The role that has made Sarocha most famous is that of “Samanan Anantrakul (Sam)” in the Thai drama GAP (2022). On this site, you can learn about Freen Sarocha’s parents, age, boyfriend, movies, TV shows, family, net worth, and more.


Early Life and Family

Freen Sarocha was born on August 8, 1998, in the city of Bangkok in Thailand. She has a sister as well with whom she keeps posting on social media. Freen was raised in a non-creative household. The divine bestowed upon her the ability to sing and act. She started to realize her acting and singing abilities as a young child. She started taking part in stage activities while she was a student. Her theatre talents won her awards even while she was a college student. She earned a bachelor’s degree in corporate communication and public relations from Rangsit University’s College of Communication Arts. Freen had desired a profession in the corporate world since she was a young child.

Freen Sarocha increases her intake of fresh strawberries. She enjoys going to flower markets to purchase fresh flowers for her space. Freen used her social media to endorse the Clear Nose brand. She moved into her new house on January 20, 2023, with two small pets. Freen has a number of high-end purses. She enjoys Blackpink. Leo is her zodiac sign. She is a Buddhist. Without a doubt, Freen Sarocha is a remarkable person whose alluring beauty has the power to enthrall everybody. Her scrupulous maintenance and self-care are part of her appeal. To give you an idea of her physical characteristics, she weighs 50 kg and is 5 feet 4 inches tall. Her gorgeous brown hair adds even more beauty to her appearance.


Freen had great success in her teenage years. In 2016, she was crowned Miss Teen Thailand. In the beauty competition, she triumphed over other attractive teenage competitors. Her career in singing, acting, and modeling started in 2016. With her degree in hand, she entered the television business, where her abilities have grown and opened doors for a bright future. She then partnered with Idol Factory, an entertainment management company that represents singers and actors. In the online series “The Gifted,” which debuted in 2019, Freen made her acting debut as Pang, a student with a unique talent for controlling electricity. She also took part in other online series, such as “Girl Next Room” and “The Shipper.” She starred in her first motion picture, “The Con-Heartist,” a romantic comedy that tells the tale of a con artist who falls in love with his intended victim, in 2020.

In the Thai romantic comedy The Con-heartist, Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul plays the silly banker Ina, who has incurred significant debt due to being duped by her former partner Petch (Thiti Mahayotaruk). Ina devises some creative ways to cut costs and save money to pay off the debt. She even turns to requesting donations through internet videos. Decent con man Tower (Nadech Kugimiya) uses this as an opportunity to con Ina by posing as a bank representative. He informs Ina that she must pay the 10% donation tax before he can release the 55,000 baht donation fund. Despite her initial willingness to believe him, Ina quickly realizes something is wrong and threatens to report Tower to the authorities.

Freen Sarocha made a guest appearance in the TV program “Sosa Seoul Say” in 2020. She continued to be quite busy in 2021 producing content for her social media. She also starred as the lead in the television series “So Fit” in addition to it. In “So Fit,” Freen portrayed a character named Bing. She kept on her acting career in 2022, taking in three more projects. Freen appeared in “Secret Crush on Your: Behind the Scenes” in 2022 as a supporting actor. She developed a sizable fan base during those years thanks to her portrayal as “Sam” Same Anantrakul in the television series “GAP.” She plays an inspiring and amusing character named Samanan Anantrakul, better known by his stage name Sam. She is a confident and endearing student who falls in love with Gap, a shy and reserved young woman portrayed by Ploychompoo Jannine Weigel. Apart from this, Freen has performed the song “Whisper- From Gap The Series” as a singer. Among her fans, this song of hers is becoming rather popular. But Ina strikes a bargain with Tower, asking for his assistance in tricking her ex-boyfriend Petch, all the while desperate to pay off her debt. Ina wants to fool Petch into paying her debt of 500,000 baht, but Tower, who makes his living by conniving others, raises the assignment to 3 million baht, from which he would make 1 million baht.

After that, Tower comes up with a cunning scheme in which Kathaleeya McIntosh, Ina’s high school teacher, poses as “a classy rich lady with dazzling charm” to lure Ina in. The tower even enlists the assistance of his con artist accomplice, Jone (Pongsatorn Jongwilas), to further enhance the plausibility of the entire setup.

For creating material on Instagram, Freen Sarocha receives a substantial incentive. She receives a substantial payment for her promotional partnerships as well. She now has all she needs in life thanks to her acting and singing. Freen now has a $1.2 million net worth. She will undoubtedly bring more wealth into her life in the future year and become one of the wealthy Thai actresses.

In Thailand, Freen has grown to be a beloved character with a sizable fan following. Her enormous social media presence is a notable indicator of her popularity. Freen Sarocha Chankimha has over 1.2 million Instagram followers, and her TikTok videos have received millions of views.

Since Freen’s acting career began so recently, she has only acted in a small number of dramas and films to date. Below is a list of Freen’s dramas and films.

Drama List:
SosatSeoulsay (2020)
So Fit (2021)
Secret Crush on You (2022)
GAP (2022)

The Passenger (upcoming)
Uranus 2324 (upcoming)


The public’s interest in the romantic life of Thai actress Freen Sarocha has noticeably increased in the present. Here, our goal is to present a summary of the current conjectures. One well-known person in the Thai entertainment industry is Freen Sarocha, who has attracted a lot of interest. It is clear from reports and information that is currently accessible that the actress has decided to keep her relationship status a secret. Freen Sarocha’s verified relationship status is still unknown as of right now, mostly because of the lingering rumors about her possible relationship with Seng Wichai Saefant. He is known for being an actor from Thailand with Chinese ancestry. Seng Wichai Saefant is also pursuing his education; he is enrolled in Rangsit University’s Faculty of Business Administration’s bachelor’s degree program in marketing. His social media following is substantial, as evidenced by the 341K followers he has on Instagram. He was born on March 27, 1999, and is currently 24 years old. He has gained notoriety as a well-known Thai actor and model in the television industry, and is frequently referred to by the moniker “Seng.” It is noteworthy, nevertheless, that the actress herself has chosen not to comment publicly on this issue. Her wish to preserve some privacy in her personal life in the face of media scrutiny can be the reason for this discretion.

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