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3 Great Ways to Gain Instagram Followers this 2019

Instagram is changing. And it is harder than ever to get followers. No worries. It is not just you seeing less reach and less like. It’s everyone. However, you do not want to be stuck in there right? So, if you really want to get rapidbot so badly this 2019, then you need to change your strategy and go with fresher approach.

Ways to Get More Real Instagram Followers

Free Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Here are some tips to help you gain followers this 2018 and conquer this ever changing algorithm of Instagram:

1) Spend more time creating a great Instagram Visual and Complete Profile

You need to pay a great deal of attention to what your feed looks like in order to get more Instagram followers. It is your first chance to make a good impression and push people to hit that one button the matters- the “follow” button.

Imagine this: You came across an interesting photo in Instagram while browsing your favorite hashtag or exploring your feed. So, you became interested on this and click over to check out their page, but what you see next is total disappointment.

Their bio is just cute emojis, their photos are all over the place, and you can’t even check their faces up close. So, are you going to follow? Nope, if that were me I’d click the back button and check out other photos.

Now, you do not want that, so you need to change your profile in order to get people actually stick around your page. How do you do that? By creating a brand story that is consistent through your Instagram visual and profile, you can turn those peeking visitors into engaged and devoted followers.

Put more efforts in organizing your Instagram page and creating more interesting contents so that you will gain more followers than ever. Also, you need to create an eye-catching bio and not just a bunch of cute emojis that does not describe you at all.

2) Add Instagram Stories for Exposure

2018 is a great year for Instagram Stories. While regular posts on Instagram cannot give enough organic reach, Instagram stories will play a major role in engaging your followers and staying on the top. However, Instagram stories are more than that! It also helps you gain more Instagram followers.

Add Instagram Stories for Exposure

Instagram stories are on the explore page of Instagram, meaning that people who do not even follow you can still come across your stories and watch them. And if they love what they see, then there is a 100% chance that they will follow you! This is a good reason for you to constantly update your Instagram story all the time.

3) Use Instagram Bots

Instagram bots are gaining popularity nowadays in gaining more Rapidbot in no time. So what is an Instagram bots? Instagram bots are automation tool that helps individuals to gain more followers quickly and effortlessly. It takes away the effort and time you have to exert in finding these followers on your own.

Instagram bots usually gain over 2,000 followers weekly that massively increase popularity at an unbelievable speed whether it is an individual’s profile or one owning a business.

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