A Guide to Hiring the Best Internet of Things Company

Are you looking for an Internet of Things (IoT) company? IoT has generated huge amounts of attention owing to its application in numerous industry sectors, such as healthcare, agriculture, education, transportation, and others.

This market keeps on growing at breakneck speed, while IoT end-user spending on a global level is expected to reach $1.6 trillion in three years by 2025. The COVID-19 pandemic had no negative effect on the growth of the Internet of Things market, which is becoming more lucrative by the minute.

Hiring the Best Internet of Things Company

If you consider hiring an Internet of Things company, follow the tips below to choose the best one.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things refers to all things on a worldwide level connected to the internet. The word thing stands for gadgets like tablets, computers, and phones, human beings with heart monitor implants, vehicles with built-in sensors, etc.

Further examples encompass artificial objects with IP addresses, which can transfer data via a network. Such objects can be applied in different sectors, such as healthcare, transport, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Moreover, IoT is gaining an increasing amount of attention in recent times owing to its effect on boosting productivity and efficiency in various industry sectors by having multiple applications in the above-mentioned areas.

For instance, the Internet of Things allows healthcare workers to monitor their patients, such as through glucose monitoring and heart-rate monitoring.

IoT devices can monitor glucose levels continuously in diabetic patients, which reduces their mortality rates caused by negligence. Additionally, there are multiple wearable IoT devices for heart-rate monitoring whose results are over ninety percent accurate.

In the field of agriculture, the Internet of Things is mainly used for monitoring climate conditions and greenhouse automation.

Climate conditions are monitored by installing a variety of sensors throughout fields, which serve the purpose of collecting environmental data and uploading it to the cloud. Once climate conditions are mapped, agriculturists will be informed which crops are ready for farming.

Regarding greenhouse automation, the largest part of farmers takes advantage of IoT sensors to receive accurate and real-time data on specific conditions, such as greenhouse humidity, temperature, lighting, and soil. Click here to gain a better insight into smart farming through IoT.

In the field of manufacturing, the Internet of Things is claimed to boost productivity by a minimum of twelve percent. Such a high percentage stems from the power of IoT to increase energy efficiency, minimize downtime, and enable predictive maintenance.

In factories, such devices are installed in vessels and machines to gather data. Maintenance teams, in turn, rely on the collected data to prevent faults and accidents.

The transportation industry is known to enjoy a myriad of IoT advantages, particularly in the areas of traffic congestion monitoring, telematics systems, toll, and ticketing. IoT sensors and cameras are used to forecast traffic patterns and detect incidents, which is helpful in reducing traffic congestion.

In contrast, the Internet of Things telematics software works with vehicle sensors, which gather data about driving conditions. Such information increases road safety. It’s predicted that by 2023, almost seventy percent of autos will be IoT-enabled.

How to choose an Internet of Things company?

The journey towards finding the best IoT company should commence with market research. You should be using all available channels to conduct comprehensive market research.

The most commonly used channels include recommendations from close friends and relatives, along with internet searches. When conducting a search, your starting point is supposed to be Google and profile directories. Social media platforms like LinkedIn can be consulted during market research as well.

Once your search is completed, make sure to compile a long list of potential firm candidates. You should follow a set of parameters in the process of compiling the list.

For example, portfolio and case studies are informative when it comes to the expertise and experience of companies. By checking these out, you can gain a better understanding of the tasks and projects they have worked on so far. The following link,, provides an explanation of the uses and limitations of case studies.

The cost factor is another important parameter to take into account. You are advised to eliminate the firms that cost three times less than those who charge the most money.

Such a selection approach reduces the likelihood of ending up with a product of poor quality. Another parameter to consider is the participation of IoT companies in public activities.

Additionally, your prospects are expected to participate in social initiatives. Make sure to check the history of every firm in view of organizing forums, seminars, webinars, and public lectures. Even if they haven’t organized such events, it’s important to have taken part in some.

Their social media profiles and blogs should be checked as well to gain insight into their IoT expertise level. By reading a couple of blog posts, you can learn a lot about their previous successes and current developments.

Once you complete the selection process, it’s time to narrow the list down to five to ten candidates. Face-to-face meetings are the perfect opportunity to inform yourself about the privacy policies, rates, and developments. These meetings are also helpful in evaluating the willingness of firms to work on your project.

Apart from having deep tech expertise and asolid IoT portfolio, the best company is supposed to be communicative and flexible. These providers should have their communication channels open for clients to receive updates and regular check-ins. Staying in touch is of great importance for the project.

Flexibility is a must-have quality of IoT companies, as these providers need to be flexible to make changes upon your request.

Also, they should have the freedom to point out problems that might cause obstructions in your project. These companies need to have a team for quality analysis and automated testing, which is devoted to product quality.

A final note

The Internet of Things shapes businesses and makes industries smarter.

You should hire an IoT company to remain competitive!

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