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Is Guru Safe? – Details, Safety Measures & Features

Guru is an online platform that offers clients an easy way to hire freelancers who can complete project work ranging from development to writing and graphic design to virtual assistance.

Why Use Guru?

With a good volume of work available on Guru, the platform easily connects employers and freelancers, allows for easy communication, and offers freelancers the opportunity to bid for projects.

Additionally, Guru ensures that all freelancers get paid on time for all completed work and offers feedback for both freelancers and clients. Guru also offers freelancers recommendations to land clients more easily, as working on the platform may have a bit of a learning curve that can take some time.

Guru - Find and Hire Expert Freelancers

Safety Measures on Guru

Guru works to counter any issues of fake job posting or unskilled freelancers who may inflate their resume by offering a policy in which clients are required to pay before the freelancer begins working.

The company also has great customer service with low fees, an easy-to-comprehend interface, and a solid payment protection tool known as SafePay. This helps the client maintain safe transfers and pay an upfront deposit that guarantees safety to the contractor if they stay on the platform.

Guru also encourages both employers and freelancers to complete an identity verification process. This helps employers and freelancers identify credible people to work with on the platform and secure an additional layer of trust before work begins.

Additionally, Guru does not falsely claim compliance requirements as a tactic to hold one’s money for longer while collecting interest fees from the freelancer. The company strives to remain a safe, effective, and honest platform that puts in effort to ensure that both the employer and the freelancer are working safely and efficiently.

What Users Should Keep in Mind

Guru is committed to ensuring that an employer can stay safe, find the best freelancers, and attain their set goals. While posting a job, employers must confirm the exact job title by mentioning the needed skills on a given topic.

This helps link freelancers to the right employers on Guru. Additionally, Guru encourages employers to complete an identity verification process to attract top-quality freelancers to their job.

For freelancers, some important things to disclose include:

  • Relevant personal information.
  • Previous samples of work.
  • Link to blog or portfolio.
  • Link to social media profiles, if applicable.
  • In-depth job descriptions of skills and experience.
  • Completed identity verification.

Payment Method

So, how much does Guru charge? Employers looking to hire talented freelancers via Guru can pay freelancers safely through Guru via PayPal, credit/debit card, e-check (US users only), and wire transfer. The payment rate can be based on the quality and timeliness of work delivered.

Quote Evaluation

Employers can browse quotes that various freelancers list on their profiles, and can also check the profiles of specific freelancers for information pertaining to performance, feedback, portfolios, availability, and identity verification.

Agreement Finalizations

Before finalizing, freelancers can check the scope of work needed, payment terms, and timeline given.  Guru hosts WorkRooms in which freelancers can provide outstanding work by collaborating with employers.

In Summary

Guru allows employers and freelancers to have safe and mutually-beneficial business relationships and offers clear communication channels that allow all parties to sort out any form of misunderstandings–the ability to communicate quickly provides a more convenient way to ensure quality work is provided as per the client’s expectations. Guru also helps employers find the best freelancers possible who can easily turn their ideas into reality.

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