Top 10 Blogging Trends In 2019

One of the best things about blogging is the pace of change because with every changing year new strategies emerge and old becomes less effective.

Further, the actual process of blogging is quite simple and straightforward, but still it’s very important that we look at blogging in the right context because we have to build its right foundation.

Important Trends In Blogging for 2019

Blogging Trends

Basically, blogging has also continued to evolve from a leisure activity towards a full time career choice. Creating a blog is simple, but maintaining it is difficult because without continuous maintenance it would simply float away in cyberspace.

Further, In olden times when the blogging is entered under hobbies section in the resume but now you will find it under work experience on the same document. Therefore, below mentioned is the list of top 10 blogging trends in 2019.

1) Size is very important

Basically, the size of your post is a very important factor in the blogging and this will be one of the most common trend in the year 2019. Nowadays,with more people getting information online, blog posts need to cut through the noise and have to deliver real value content.

2) Email and SEO marketing

The second blogging trend for the year 2019 is email and SEO marketing. One of the research shows that the growing use of SEO, email marketing and paid service is driving traffic to posts. Moreover, SEO has always been very important for the blogging, unless you are a celebrity or you have so much money to spend on advertisements.

3) Never compromise with quality

Quality is the other trend that will be popular the year 2019 because when it comes to a content, you have to apply the same strategy you would do for any other product. You can easily find out what content is being frequently searched by making an extensive keyword research, but with this, make sure that your content is engaging when posted.

4) The end of comments

Most sites believe that 2018 was the end of comments on blog posts. In other words, comments are not what the creators want to spend their time managing and they are not what readers want to have in their conversation. Further, for readers also it’s a big disadvantage in commenting on many blogs.

5) Add more audio and visual

Add audio and visual

Another blogging trend in 2019 is to add more audio and visual as nowadays there is a huge rise of visual marketing and further Instagram is hardly a secret and bloggers have been actively part of it. Therefore, audio and visual posts will be more popular this year.

6) Clicking bait articles will be less effective

It is very clear that clicking bait articles will be less effective in the year 2019. According to the Buzzfeed it becomes clear that readers are getting smarter and are not clicking these bait articles now. This activity is becoming very less popular day by day.

7) Great graphics

Great graphics

Blogging is not only a text based communications medium, but it will also work very well with graphics and images. Various social networks have also reported that content and status updates which include images are shared and viewed at a far higher rate than text only content. Therefore, great graphics will be more in blogging trend in 2019.

8) Less blog more website

In today’s scenario blogs are competing straight away with establishing publishers because today flexibility and affordability of any web designing tools make it possible to have a professional looking website even with a small amount of investment. But don’t forget mobile as it is one of the most important source for it.

9) Mobile will always gain momentum

It has been seen very clearly that most of the bloggers will see the majority of their traffic is coming from phones. So, bloggers just have to keep in mind that their readers are using mobile so that they can easily get engaged and share their views with them.

10) Engagement is most important

The most important blogging trend for 2019 is getting engaged with your readers. With the change in time content creators has realized that advertisers prefer eyeballs rather than a high number of views. So, they have started doing everything they could do to build a massive audience with a fact that no matter how long they will stay.

So, the above explained are some of best and top 10 blogging trends in 2019 that will work for every blogger in this year. 🙂

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