How Does Credit Repair Work?

Are you in search of tips for repairing credit history? Do you want to know how a credit repair functions? Then, this article is for you. Before moving towards the working process of credit repair, let us first know what credit repair is?

In credit repair, organizations charge a certain fee for removing negative data from your credit report. Things these companies do can be done by you yourself. Credit repair takes time as long as one month.

How Do Credit Repair Companies Work?

Credit repair companies are regulated by the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA). Before paying for services with any companies or organizations who promise to settle your credit, make sure you know your rights under this government law. Here are some couple of things the law requires:

  • The firm must give a composed contract determining it will provide.
  • The organization must enable three days for you to pull back from the agreement.
  • It can’t guarantee to remove exact data from your credit report in return for the payment
  • It can’t take any fee until the point when it satisfies all the terms and conditions of contract.

1] Working Process of Credit Repair Firms

The credit repair firms do not do something new. We can also do these things:

  • Firms request your credit report from all the three bureaus- Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.
  • Then they identify negative items on your report to dispute those.
  • They use different tactics and strategies to remove those negative items.

Talking of organizations and the services they should provide or are providing, let’s have a look on the services provided by Lexington Law. You can read the review here of the same.  It is a well-known credit repair firm:

  • The firm completely scan your entire report and manages the incorrect one.
  • They consult with banks to guarantee that the records are precise.
  • The company affirms whether every single hard information are exact, removing those that aren’t.
  • Uses letters like C&D to get obligation authorities to follow the law and quit nagging you.

2] Cost of Credit Repair

The cost is quite reasonable if the company is genuine and can give you results. The cost is around $50 to $100 a month. Lexington Law starts with a package of $80 up to $120  a month. You can start with a free discussion so they can analyze your credit report, and then pick best package that suits you.

Cost of Credit Repair

3] Manage Your Credit and Improve It

To improve your credit score is to pay your bills on time. It will be more fruitful to use your money for paying off your outstanding debts than on spending money on hiring a credit repair firm.

4] Things You Should Do to Avoid Credit Repair Scam

Paying a fee monthly and getting nothing in return is very easy. Thus, you should be aware of your credit balance statements.

Sometimes, firm plays very cunningly. They do your credit repair work slowly because they know they are getting paid by the client on a monthly basis. Before moving forward and deciding on a credit repair firm, do a research on various companies; try to find out their reviews and ratings on the Internet.

Read stories from other clients regarding the services they provide. Be fully sure to avoid any kind of scam in the future.


Credit repair is something which we all need. If you are able to repair by yourself, then go for it and if not, then tons of organizations are there who can repair your credit. One important thing to note down is that credit repair and debt consolidation are two different things.

One should not consider them the same. Credit report uses legal measures to clean your record. Avoid being scammed, and be sure in choosing a credit repair firm.

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