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How Much Does A Data Analyst Make?

Data analysis is one of the world’s most demanding jobs. In a world where the extraction of valuable data insights ultimately determines how business decisions are taken, it is not surprising that data analysts vacancies in 2029 will expand by 9.3 percent.

As a result, India’s data analyst salary compared to other specialists involved in software is much greater. Data analysts have one of America’s most academically rewarding occupations.

How Much Does A Data Analyst Make

Therefore, if you have the abilities you need and are prepared to keep yourself updated, you are expected to advance further and higher as a data analyst. The salary range of the data analyst depends on the position to which you live or want to migrate. You can obtain that high-paid career.

You can go to a profession as an analyst after a Data Analyst course. These training programs are designed to meet your demands and succeed you. But if you are interested in the paycheck for data analysts worldwide, then you’ve stopped on the correct page.

Data Analyst – Salary structure

Data analyst jobs frequently involve many tasks and duties, so the average income in data analytics is usually high.

For those interested in a data analytics career, it is worth examining how experience-level, data analyst skill, industry, and educational background all link to the salary patterns of a data analyst.

Factors that influence the data analyst’s average salary

Years of experience & level


  • Entry Level (> 1 yr of experience) – ₹342,363/yr.
  • Early Career (1-4 yrs of experience) – ₹422,408/yr.
  • Mid- Career (5-9 yrs of experience) – ₹690,734/yr.
  • Experienced (>10 yrs of experience) – ₹942,653 to ₹1,750,000/yr.


  • Entry level – $55,362 – $60,240 pa.
  • Mid-level – $68,087 pa.
  • Senior-level – $72,000 pa.


Almost every industry can make better business decisions using data analytics. However, the industry in which you work can influence your salary. The average earnings of data analysts in all sectors are presented below, according to LinkedIn.


Finance₹250K – ₹1.4M
Retail₹300K – ₹1.2M
Hardware & Networking₹249K – ₹1.1M
Manufacturing₹200K – ₹1.1M
Utilities, Energy & Mining₹220K – ₹965K
Software & IT Services₹180K – ₹900K
Entertainment₹177K – ₹710K


Finance$42K -$95K
Science & utility$74K – $80K
Healthcare$42K -$87K
Mining$106K – $117K
Retail$39K -$88K
Manufacturing$55K – $65K
Entertainment$41K – $110K
Hardware and networking$43K – $108K
Software and IT services$41K – $110K
Corporate services$39K – $91K
Public administration$37K – $97K
Consumer goods$39K –  $95K
Recreation and Travel$38K – $82K
Media and Communications$41K – $80K
Wellness and Fitness$40K – $85K
Education$31K – $82K
Agriculture$37K – $97K
Construction$37K – $83K
Public safety$33K – $90K
Non-profit$40K – $83K
Transport and logistics$37K – $82K
Legal$36K – $80K

Size and Type of company

Accenture (Rs. 7,04,965 pa)Microsoft ($125,000 – $134,000)
Capgemini (Rs. 7,03,178 pa)Exzac ($118,000)
Wipro (Rs. 5,79,188 pa)Hallmark Global Technologies ($102,000)
CSC (Rs. 6,02,435 pa)Pure Storage ($120,000)
HCL (Rs. 5,21,246 pa)Nicholis State University ($120,000)
TCS (Rs. 696,132 pa)Ulab – $91,000 ($100,000)


A data analyst with fewer years of experience to acquire high-paid jobs should grasp various skills that a data analyst needs. They need to explore beyond just a degree in data analysis for higher skills.

Some of the skills which determine a data analyst’s pay scale are.


  • Python’s salary offers ten lakhs a year in India alone, an essential skill.
  • Do you know if you are knowledgeable with Big Data & Data Science that your salaries are 26% more than skilled workers in just one field?
  • Professionals of SPSS and SAS can make roughly ₹7.3lakhs and around ₹9 to 10.8 lakhs, respectively.
  • India’s ML salary might increase annually by up to 17 lakhs pa.


  • Data Quality skills: ₹364K – ₹2M pa.
  • Database Management & Reporting skills: ₹219K – ₹1M pa.
  • SQL: ₹251K – ₹1M pa.
  • Statistical Analysis skills: ₹211K – ₹1M pa.
  • Microsoft Excel: ₹198K – ₹799K pa.
  • Python: ₹289K – ₹1M pa.
  • Web Analytical skills: less than ₹750K pa.

Work location

IndiaUSOther Countries
Bangalore (4.7 LPA)


New York ($70,927)


New Hampshire ($68,422)United Arab Emirates ($47,613)Florida ($54,746)


Canada ($107,117CAD)Sweden (752.630kr)



(6.7 LPA)


Massachusetts ($70,264)


Netherlands ($62,931)New Zealand ($48,068)South Africa ($16,419)Singapore ($90, 453 SGD)South Africa (R389, 931)
Mumbai (5.8 LPA)


Australia ($62,932)


Mississippi ($55,543)


United Kingdom ($51,844)Michigan ($56,427)


United Arab Emirates (250,180 AED)Netherlands (€76,684)
Hyderabad (5.8 LPA)


Washington ($68,121)


Canada ($54,789)Missouri ($55,391)


Germany ($67,397)


Australia ($125,341 AUD)United Kingdom (£57,129)
Chennai (5.7 LPA)


North Carolina ($49,690)


Sweden ($57,546)D.C. ($68,227)


Singapore ($46,432)Germany (€81,862)New Zealand ($108,530NZD)


According to the employment profile in India and the USA, the data analyst income varies.

Software Engineer: ₹267k–1,000k paDigital marketing managers – $67K pa
Data Scientist: ₹342k–2,000k paMarket analysts – $54K pa
IT Consultant: ₹391k–2,000k paSystems analysts – $66K pa
Senior Software Developer: ₹438k–2,000k paData consultants – $77K pa
Senior Software Engineer: ₹495k–2,000k paHealthcare consultants – $78K pa
Software Developer: ₹215k–1,000k paBusiness intelligence analysts – $60K pa
Business Analyst: ₹274k–1,000k paFinancial analysts – $60K pa

Note: It can be good to develop the standards for compensation in which a firm head office falls when calculating your expectations for your salary. Your potential earnings are primarily based on your proven knowledge of data analysis. That comprises soft skills and technical expertise that you have developed over time.

Concluding points

Data analytics is increasing worldwide, and data analysts are integral components of the new digital economy. In March 2020, 2 out of 5 of the fastest-growing technological skills remained connected with analysis even after this global epidemic hit.

The location may appear like a secondary issue while choosing your future profession in data analytics. But you’ll see in this article that location has a direct impact on earnings and growth.

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