5 Powerful Tools Startups Can Use to Support Growth & Maximum Efficiency

Startups tend to work at a disadvantage. While they are still establishing their marketing plan and refining their goals and metrics, their competitors are already making money from the same target market the Startups are aiming for. In order for Startups to achieve the same profitability, they must find a way to expedite their progress to match up with their competitors.

Powerful Tools Startups Growth

Thankfully, there are online startup tools to help them efficiently execute their plans and speed up their growth. By using the right tools to help them establish and achieve their business objectives, Startups will soon draw in their target audience and make profit like their competitors do, if not surpass them!

Powerful Tools for Startups

If you have a startup and wish to quickly establish your business, then below is a list of powerful online tools that you ought to use.

Powerful Tools Startups

$99 Social

Social media has become an effective avenue for businesses to introduce their products and services to their market, if not draw in customers. As a startup, however, manually strategizing and using Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to drive marketing activities may not be high on your priority list. One of the reasons is that you may not have the time, resources or skill set to oversee the progress of your online social channels or manage the intricacies of day to day social media management.

Powerful Tools Startups

With 99dollarsocial, you get to focus on the more important things in your startup while cultivating an online presence on social media. For $99 a month, this online tool will help you publish customized content on your social media that will help establish your brand and let users find you on these channels. In fact, it’s not about posting random updates as many practitioners mistakenly solely do, but they strive to understand your startup’s ethos, vision and work to make your tangible goals through social media a reality. This is definitely a viable option for startups that do not have the budget to hire a full-time community manager.

Smart Insights

Behind every startup is a solid digital marketing plan as foundation. Smart Insights lets you do just that – create a marketing plan and digital strategy with measurable goals, allowing you to track your progress much more effectively. Upon setting these up, you can proceed with taking control on how your plan will be implemented. Lastly, once you have refined the process of your marketing plan, you can begin optimizing your rate of investment using different strategies provided by the tool such as SEO, email marketing, and others.

Powerful Tool Smart Insights

What’s also great about Smart Insights is that they allow marketers to quickly execute on a variety of strategies and plan without actually reinventing the wheel and conceptualizing from scratch. They have tons of guides, strategy outlines and templates to get you up and running in the shortest time possible and with huge impact.

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Startups may find it difficult to establish and finish goals without a physical office. This stems of lack of communication caused by its employees and associates not seeing each other on a consistent basis. However, completing projects and meeting the KPIs for startups can be achieved with Basecamp as it essentially allows teams to work together from a virtual office, sharing resources and ideas.

Powerful Tools Startups BaseCamp

This virtual office allows you to set up the different roles of people within your startup to have discussions, set up goals, and collaborate on different projects, anytime and anywhere! This is perfect for establishing accountability and executing and nurturing a cohesive vision towards startup success.


Here’s another tool to help you make the most out of social media for your startup. If you rely on competent bulk content distribution to promote your campaigns on social media, then Oktopost lets you do this and more! Upon creating a campaign using this tool to post your web pages on your choice of social media sites, you can track and measure which sites draw the most conversions, allowing you to determine the types of posts that engage your followers.

Powerful Tools Startups Oktopost

With a strong focus on campaign management for businesses rather than simple posting and updates, Startups can see the bigger picture and execute on marketing plans that support long-term growth and mass impact on their audience.

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A key factor to a startup’s success is its ability to make relationships within the industry that they can leverage into something beneficial for their business. BuzzStream does exactly this by finding you prospects to help you with your link building campaign and building meaningful relationships for PR and social media purposes. Upon finding your prospects using this tool, you can save and categorize each for better organization and more convenient implementation of campaigns. This has become an important tool in terms of SEO since the algorithm updates for Google punish manufactured links and promote building real relationships with people.

Powerful Tools Startups BuzzStream

It’s a great tool for leveraging a community that is designed to help you build vital relationships with targeted people and industries and may in fact produce more results than sifting through sites like LinkedIn or Twitter to discover networking opportunities.

While all of the online startup tools above come at a price, you should nonetheless consider using these if you’re really serious in taking your startup to the next level. These services allow you to be more efficient in marketing, networking with a greater impact while saving time to focus on other tasks that often get ignored by busy founders.

How about you, dear reader – are there any other online startup tools that we missed out in this list that helps them streamline their processes to speed up their growth? Share the tools you know by commenting below!

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