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How To Clean a Water Filter?

We cannot stress enough on the maintenance and cleaning of a water filter because what’s the purpose of installing a water filter in the first place, if you just can’t keep it clean? People usually love enjoying all the benefits associated with a water filter, but then they overlook the fact that it needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Ways to Clean a Water Filter

With all the negligence, these people then end up spending a lot more than they expected just on the maintenance and repairs.

In simpler words, we know that it’s hard to take some time off your busy routines and clean the water filter, but at the same time, it’s important too. Especially if you don’t want to buy one after every one or two months, then the wiser thing to do is to clean the filter on time and make sure to keep a check on the filter too.

Now before we tell you how to clean a water filter, let’s warn you about another important thing, and that is the brand that you are buying your water filter from. Don’t look for cheap brands and opt for reputable ones like Filtersmart.

The cheap brands use low quality material and filters, which can be extremely harmful for your health. So choose your brand wisely even if you have to spend a few extra dollars because that extra money will totally be worth the results.

Cleaning A Water Filter

  • The first thing to do is to take all of your water filter supplies to an area that’s well ventilated. Once done, you then have to mix some muriatic acid in a bucket. Just make sure to use gloves or some other equipment to protect your hands. Now take another bucket and put ½ gallons of water in it.
  • Now take muriatic acid and put some inside the bucket filled with water. Use some plastic stirrer to stir the mixture and make sure that both the water and the acid blend well together.

Cleaning A Water Filter

  • Take a high pressure hose and run some water through the water filter to get rid of all the debris stuck inside. Concentrate on the areas where you see rust and calcium buildup and clean both sides of the filter properly.
  • Take the water filter and submerge it inside the acid-water mixture that you prepared earlier. Make sure that the filters are well-submerged in the mixture and then leave the bucket in some ventilated place so that the filters can absorb muriatic acid.
  • After five days, take a clean bucket. Put ½ gallons of water inside and then take out the filters from the bucket with the acid-water mixture. Rinse the filters properly with lukewarm water and then again use a pressure hose to run down some water through the filters. Put the filters aside to dry.
  • Once the filters are dry, just install them back where they were inside the filter system. You are now good to go, and you can use your water filter without worrying about its cleanliness.

The cleaning process for a water filter is quite simple, and it needs no struggle or no efforts. You just have to use some acid and water to clean the filters, and that’s it. Even if you do this once a month, it will be more than enough.

It’s just that you shouldn’t neglect the fact that your filter needs to be cleaned every now and then, and if you want to reap all of its benefits, you should take some time out for it.

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