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How to Decorate Your Vanity the Right Way

There are many options for designing a vanity that fulfills its function while also being stylish. There’s a lot of stuff you need to be able to grab fast while getting dressed. The top ones include makeup, skincare, jewelry, and hair accessories.

Well, locating what you need to get on your way can be extremely tough if you have a chaotic vanity or dresser. We are talking about the location where you probably throw your items when you’re done with it.

How to Decorate Your Vanity

The truth is that keeping things organized and stylishly arranged would make getting dressed a lot easier. Keep your vanity clean, whether through small DIY projects or simple organizational methods. It will make getting ready a pleasurable experience rather than a tedious one.

We’ve selected some of our best ideas below. Taken directly from the professionals, to show you attractive ways to decorate this space where so many of your things dwell!

Natural Light

Are you looking for a flawless makeup look? Applying makeup in a room with plenty of natural light is one method to achieve this. The greater the number, the better. Whether it is direct sunlight or artificial, it is meant to brighten up your vanity. Both play a vital role in showing textures clearly.

It will give you the finest impression of how your face really looks before you go out the front door. Consider when you get ready before committing to a location. Make sure the sun will be on your side, literally, when you get ready.

Steam is Mean

Hot and steamy bathrooms are ideal. Let’s face it, no one likes removing their towel in a chilly bathroom after a shower. As beneficial as steam can be, it can be detrimental to beauty products. Exposing your high-end face creams, foundations, and lipsticks to a tropical climate will significantly reduce their longevity and effectiveness.

Save yourself the trouble of wondering why your cosmetics are starting to appear goofy halfway through your supply by storing them in a cool, dry place. Have we yet persuaded you to leave the bathroom?

Bright White

In whatever room you choose to put your vanity, choose fresh, white walls. Don’t get us wrong. People enjoy a bright green or yellow area, but intense colors cast a strange light that makes doing makeup quite difficult.

White, on the other hand, will reflect any natural light in the space, which will benefit you. By now, you’re well aware of the importance of bright and natural light. Crucial, imperative, and supreme.

Hide the Clutter

Don’t we all have scuffed-up cosmetic items that still have some life left in them? Who are we to criticize if your crusty concealer with a missing twist-on top can still do the job?

Organizing your vanity and keeping the majority of your items out of sight will keep your space tidy and accessible. Whether it is your makeup brushes, High-quality eyelash tools, or eyeshadow kits, things look good when organized.

To do so, add built-in drawers, wire bins, or a tabletop acrylic storage set.

Use a Paneled Mirror

If your beauty table faces a window and a little cosmetics mirror won’t suffice, consider a foldable mirror.

You won’t have to bother about securing anything to the wall because a three-paneled mirror can stand on its own. Six large drawers flank the built-in table for additional storage.

Display the Pretty

Isn’t it just right to flaunt some of those lovely lotions and potions?

On top of your vanity, place a bottle of your favorite perfume or a luxury eyeshadow pallet on a tray.

Another one of our favorite tricks? After you’ve melted through your favorite candle jar, store brushes in it. Lucite organizers are very popular among beauty bloggers.

Make Do With a Side Table

Don’t allow a limited budget or space to deter you! If a desk or built-in isn’t an option, use a small side table as a temporary vanity table.

Simply hang a mirror and take a seat in a side chair. If you don’t have access to a window, consider adding a little table lamp or any kind of bright lighting that will do the job.

Use an Armoire

In a spare corner, turn an armoire or folding screen into a makeshift vanity table. You can design it with upholstered furnishings and floating shelves for glassware and bar supplies. Also, anything else you could want in your boudoir other than makeup and skincare.

Reach New Heights

Nothing says glam like a magnificent, golden bookshelf brimming with every color nail polish imaginable. Create easy-access, open storage for all of your beauty goods and place it next to your vanity to replicate this idea.

What’s our ruse? Keep the items you use the most at arm’s length so you can quickly grab what you need.

Install Secret Storage

Install a floating cubby or fold-out desk on the wall to keep your collection hidden yet accessible while you’re not using it. Plus, this concept takes up no floor space.

Add Accent Seating

A comfortable place to sit while getting dressed automatically elevates a closet. Especially when it’s a velvet pouf. We also like the concept of using a group of asymmetrical mirrors instead of simply one to make a more dramatic statement.

Animate it with Wallpaper

Use attractive jars to keep your jewelry if you have a small workstation or vanity in your closet. Consider using wallpaper to create a focal point, then leaning a mirror against it and tucking in a bold stool. Rather than using sconces, hang pendants on both sides of the mirror.


You won’t be able to run about the house in your robe anymore! By placing your vanity within your walk-in closet, you can make getting ready a one-stop-shop.

Isn’t it obvious that whoever said the magic occurred in the bedroom has never had a vanity within a walk-in closet?

The credit goes to – natural light – this is best suited for closets that either contain or are positioned near a window. Have we hammered home the value of natural light yet?

In Close

We hope that the preceding suggestions will breathe fresh life into your drab vanity. When it comes to decorating your dream vanity, be sure you follow the rules. The concepts presented above come from a variety of professionals who have been working in the industry for a long time.

Even if you only decorate one part of your room, it can transform your attitude and modify the game. Try out the above hacks and let us know what you think in the comments!

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